J500 Media and the Environment

Week 7


WEEK 7 (3/02-3/08):

  • 3/02/10 CLASS LECTURE: BIG FOOD, BIG AG, BIG OIL: Overview of current food system and challenges it presents. Discussion of the inter-connectedness of food and energy. Virtual guest lecture with Paul Willis, Niman Ranch.
  • Complete these readings/viewings before Week 8 class on 3/9
    Food and Energy

1) “The Ethanol Scam,” Jeff Goodell
2) “The Ethanol Bubble Pops in Iowa,” Max Schulz
3) “Our National Eating Disorder,” Chapter 1, The Omnivore’s Dilemma, Michael Pollan
4) “7-Eleven Tests Plastic Stay-Fresh Wrap on Its Bananas,” Bruce Horovitz
5) “Independent Farmers Feel Squeezed By Milk Cartel,” John Burnett
6) “We Are What We Eat. Let’s Be Something Better,” Jenna Woginrich
7) “Farmer in Chief,” Michael Pollan
8 ) “A 50-Year Farm Bill,” Wendell Berry and Wes Jackson
9) Overview of Climate Change Affects on Agriculture (review all PDF fact sheets on page)

  • Write a post for the blog by 5 p.m. on Friday 3/05. You may use this optional blog prompt (or write about whatever moves you): What are your thoughts on this quote: “Farming is for the rich and desperate?” Please put your name at the end of your posts and comments. Post under “Week 7” and the appropriate category.
  • Respond to a classmate and a comment to your post. Blog post responses and comments due by Sunday 3/7 at 5 p.m.

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