J500 Media and the Environment

Week 6


WEEK 6 (2/23-3/01):

  • 2/23/10 CLASS LECTURE: EATING AS A CULTURAL ACT: Overview of our complex relationship to food. Discussion on advocacy journalism and how it brings about social change. Is environmental or sustainability journalism always advocacy? Confirmation of service learning project with DCFCP and final grad projects. TBD lectures with Brett Ramey about indigenous foods and local traditions and Prashant Patel, director of Localize Me at 4:30 p.m.
  • Complete these readings/viewings before Week 7 class on 3/2
    The Ethics of Eating

1) “Against Meat: The Fruits of Family Trees,” Jonathan Safran Foer
2) “Sorry, Vegans: Brussels Sprouts Like to Live, Too,” Natalie Angier
3) “Boss Hog,” Jeff Tietz
4) “Principled Pork,” Corby Kummer
5) “The Meatrix” (video)
6) “Coming Home to Hogs: Livestock Diversity,” Dan Looker
7) “Picture Show: You are What You Eat,” Mark Menjivar
8 ) “What People Eat Around the World
9)“Spoiled: Organic and Local is So 2008,” Paul Roberts
10) “Freedom Foods,” Nora Lawrence
11) “Native Harvest for a Modern World,” National Radio Project (audio)

  • Write a post for the blog by 5 p.m. on Friday 2/26/10. You may use this optional blog prompt: If you are what you eat, what does your pantry say about you? Include visual images to back up your assertions. Please put your name at the end of your posts and comments. Post under “Week 6” and the appropriate category.
  • Respond to a colleague’s post and a comment to your post. Blog post responses and comments due by Sunday 2/28 at 5 p.m.

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