J500 Media and the Environment

Week 11


WEEK 11 (4/06-4/12):

  • 4/06/10 CLASS LECTURE: FOOD AND JUSTICE: Reflection on the moral imperative in the environmental movement and how that has been conveyed through media. Discussion on connecting to peoples cares and encouraging environmental action. Presentation on humanitarian trip to United States-Mexican border by student Brenna Daldorph and photojournalist Jon Goering at 4 p.m. TBD virtual lecture on faith and the environment with Chris Doran, assistant professor of religion, Pepperdine University at 5 p.m.
  • Complete these readings/viewings before Week 12 class on 4/13
    The Politics of Food

1) “Are Conservatives Welcome in Sustainable Food Movement?” Sarah White
2) “Where Are the Conservatives in the Local, Sustainable Movement?” Zachary Adam Cohen
3) “EPA Fails To Inform Public About Weed-Killer In Drinking Water,” Danielle Ivory (video)
4) “Council Speaker to Unveil Policy on Food for the City,” Julie Bosman
5) “Hispanic Farmers Fight To Sue USDA,” Wade Goodwyn
6) “New Jewish Food Movement Steps Up Focus on Social Justice,” Sue Fishkoff
7) “Salmonlands,” National Radio Project (audio)

    • Write a post for the blog by 5 p.m. on Friday 4/09. Post under “Week 11” and the appropriate category.
    • Respond to a colleague’s post and a comment to your post. Responses and comments due by Sunday 4/11 at 5 p.m.

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