J500 Media and the Environment

by tesshedrick
April 23, 2010, 2:37 pm
Filed under: J500 Week 13

As I sit here, the only thing on my mind is hunger.  It is mid afternoon and I have just realized that I forgot to have lunch.  School work has taken over the precedence of eating today.  The closest I’ve had to food since my 8 am breakfast is a venti non-fat latte from Starbucks.

The coffee has helped me get through the day but I imagine if I had eaten something then I would have had a longer lasting burst of energy.  Presently, I am thinking of the millions of people in the world that suffer from hunger everyday.  I have “suffered” hunger for only hours.

Should I tell myself that I am lucky to have eaten just hours ago or should I scold myself for whining about being hungry?  Growing up in the suburbs of Kansas City, I have never really been exposed to those that suffer from hunger.  I know people are living suffering from hunger, but I have never stopped to think how that must feel.

When I hear of people starving to death, I feel so sorry for them.  Any type of death is sad.  However, I have just realized that I haven’t put myself in their shoes before.  How would it feel to be hungry for days at a time?  That is a scary thing to think about.

-Tess H


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I think about these things too. I sometimes forget to eat lunch because I’m preoccupied with school work and such. And then when I hear about the starving children in Africa, I feel guilty for how hungry I was before.
What would you suggest we do about this?
Intriguing post! It made me think.
-Jackie M.

Comment by jackiemcc


Although it is easy to feel guilty about the hunger we may feel, I think one way to do something about it is to donate to various charities that help deliver food to those that are in need. Better yet, volunteering with an organization such as Meals on Wheels would make me feel like I am making a difference in someone’s life.

-Tess H.

Comment by tesshedrick

I meant Tess. I apologize. I was confused; I was looking at Becca’s post right before this.

Comment by jackiemcc

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