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Third World Countries Being Sustainable? by jackiemcc

As I sit here in a Bahaman internet café, I recall a conversation we had last night on my dad’s sailboat about The Bahamas being sustainable. He was telling us about how he had been talking to someone who had said that what the Bahamans needed to do is be sustainable instead of continually using their resources.Third world countires like The Bahamas are not fit to become a sustainable country.

Third world countires like The Bahamas are not fit to become a sustainable country.

When I heard this, I thought it would interesting to investigate this further. At first I thought this was a good idea, but then I began to wonder how plausible it is in a third world country to be sustainable. After further investigation, I have concluded that the Bahamas, or any other third world country for that matter, is not fit to be sustainable.

I say this because I believe it is out of reach for them. With the limited resources they do have, it can be hard for them to think about being sustainable, let alone keep the resources available for future generations.

Not only that, but many people in The Bahamas probably don’t care or worry about this problem. This article discusses what sustainability is like in third world countries. They are more worried about fulfilling their basic needs, like food, not of the future.

I did find it interesting that The Bahamans as a whole are trying to be sustainable though. In June of 2006 they held a conference on tourism and sustainable development. As this Bahaman discusses, they were not fit to host this; they held it in the most expensive hotel in the area. I don’t think they completely understand what it takes to be sustainable. She also discusses that the country is not sustainable because their tourism industry is revolving around the tourists, not involving what the Bahamans want.

I also found an article that talks about how The College of the Bahamas has started promoting sustainability. They go around to other schools and encourage others to be sustainable. They also intend to start a Small Island Sustainable program in the college, where students can earn a degree in related programs.

There are others who are suggesting ways in which Bahamans can be sustainable.

While the small progress and intent of sustainability of the Bahamans is great, I don’t think it is a plausible idea for them. They don’t have the resources available that can help them carry out a full-on sustainable country. I do applaud their efforts, but I think they are in over their heads. I also think they need to be more educated on the issue before they beginning implementing such a large program.

-Jackie McClellan


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What research did you do? and when did you do it? On a lap top while riding around you’re dad’s oh so sustainable sailboat. It’s tourists like you that drive up demand for mega hotels like Atlantis that cut down forests on entire islands to build upon them concrete waterfalls and clay corals, relying on none of the natural or cultural virtues of the Bahamas.

Comment by tina


Do you think there are some sustainable aspects that could actually save them money? Which ones do you think they won’t be able to do? -Kristina B.

Comment by kristinabev


According to you, what kinds of ‘resources’ do you think it takes to be sustainable? Do you know what sustainability is? I’m just curious as to your knowledge on the matter. I myself dont have great knowledge but even my sense tells me that third world countries are probably the most sustainable countries.

Comment by Ivy

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