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I thought I was grainy, but apparently I’m just boring. by bendcohen

Jokes can be made all day long about the old axiom that “You are what you eat”.  Most of these, as the title of this piece, are not actually good jokes, but I digress.  Somebody’s lifestyle really can be judged by their diet.  One of the most popular documentaries of the first decade of this century (annoyingly referred to at times as “the Aughts”) was Morgan Spurlock’s “Super-Size Me”, detailing his experiment with eating nothing but fast food for a month.  The changes in Spurlock from the opening of that film to the end were dramatic.  He began as a vegan, in apparently good physical shape, and ended chubby and constantly exhausted.

I bring this up because it gives new credence to the “you are what you eat” proverb.  That famous film showed somebody healthy and vibrant to reflect a thought-out lifestyle, only to become fat and slovenly when switching to a diet oriented around food that is quick and easy to obtain without much effort.

I’m not a big McDonald’s fan, myself.  Sadly, I do have a weakness for Taco Bell, their Tex-Mex counterpart.  It, like the infamous Golden Arches, is cheap and easy to access, not even requiring getting out of one’s car if so desired.  And when I go through phases where I frequent “The Bell” (as the cool kids call it), I’m usually feeling a lot lazier as well.

I’d like to say that my food habits only occasionally display somebody not interested in the experience of cooking a nice meal.  The part of the pantry I claim (I share with four other people) consists mostly of sliced bread, bagels, soup, canned chicken breast, and cereal.  Nothing I eat at home makes more than four minutes to prepare.

According to the “What does the food you eat say about you?” quiz hosted on ProProfs Quiz School, my eating habits are “Plain”.  My habits, which range anywhere from dipping carrots in ranch to enjoying cereal.  I am assessed as this kind of person:

“You definitely enjoy the simple things in life. You don’t make a big deal out of things and you’re not full of drama. You would be equally happy whether you were riding a bull in a bar or staring at your pet cat Fluffy for three hours. You’ve never really been dissapointed (sic) in life, but then again you’ve also never really won anything.”

My corner of the pantry.

This, of course, is mostly tongue-in-cheek.  The thing is, I don’t entirely disagree with it (other than I am a dog person).  So what does this make me, really?  Lazy?  Impatient?  Or just generally apathetic about what deeper meaning my diet has.  I’ve always assumed the latter, but then I usually don’t analyze the collective food that I keep in my house at any one time.

-Ben C.


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The quiz told me that I am a snob… I’d rather be “simple” than a “snob,” so don’t feel too bad! I am wondering though, have you frequented “The Bell” less since being in this class? -Kristina B.

Comment by kristinabev

Yes, though going there less has been a goal of mine for a while.
~Ben C.

Comment by Ben

I’m plain, too. I’d say that the quiz was pretty accurate. I think it is Funny that Kristina says she’d rather be “plain/simple”, but I think I’d rather be a “snob”, because I think I would be healthier and that this is where ‘you are what you eat’ comes into play. My body deserves to be “snobby” when it comes to food, there are just so many things that make it hard to be a snobby eater, like cost. Do you think that your pantry will change as you age and are out of college or do you see yourself staying in your Taco Bell and canned chicken stage forever?
-Becca N.

Comment by beccan

Well, the hope is I’ll be able to afford to overcome that phase later in life.
~Ben C.

Comment by Ben

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