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An Apple a Day May Not Keep The Doctor Away by beccan

My stove and oven are both broken, so I was left with two options: go out for something to eat or use the microwave. I chose the microwave, because I am a college student and therefore used to it by now. I had a bowl of oatmeal with raisins and a banana along with a juicy and absolutely delicious Fuji apple. Then I went to write this post and thought, you are what you eat. I was feeling pretty good about what I had just eaten.

But after finishing my delicious meal that seemed nutritious at the time, I read an article that informed me that the apple I had just consumed could have had up to thirty pesticides in it. My curiosity grew and I found another article, which listed apples as one of the most commonly contaminated fruits. I looked at my apple and my banana- each had a barcode. The apple had a sticker with “4131” and the banana had a sticker with “4011” on it. I found that these numbers are actually codes. I looked into the code guidelines to find out that both my apple and banana were conventionally grown. These guidelines are simple to follow, but many people, like myself, are not familiar with the codes. I simply look for the most colorful produce, but it seems like I can’t trust that method anymore.

A seemingly healthy dinner may be deceiving.

Considering that what I thought was healthy eating turned out to be unhealthy eating, I was beginning to think that my body was doomed if it was true that “you are what you eat”, because I have definitely eaten meals worse than this, that’s for sure. I grabbed the box of oatmeal and began to read, but didn’t have to read much to find that the only ingredient listed on the box was “organic rolled oats” (sigh of relief). Even though my oatmeal was one of the few organic items in my pantry, I felt a little better knowing that my body did not need to start preparing for destruction at the age of 21.

Have you ever heard that you are not supposed to go to the grocery store on an empty stomach? Well, I have made a new rule; do not read what is in your food after you’ve eaten it. Inform yourself before you contaminate your body.

Plain and simple, the foods we eat affect our mood, energy, sex drive, ability to think, sleep and so much more. I have been living this seemingly healthy life based on the fact that I exercise and eat fruits and vegetables, but that’s not where it ends. There is so much more I can do to live a healthier life, I just didn’t know.

Becca N.


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I am wondering if, being a college student, buying all organic produce is a possibility for you (both financially and because in Lawrence organic supply of some things might be limited), or are you planning on mixing certain organic products with other conventional products? -Kristina B.

Comment by kristinabev

Thanks for the comment. I think that I am just now in the stages of realizing that what I am eating is not great for me and my next step is starting to shop at the Merc, or at least in organic sections of grocery stores as much as I can. I want to buy organic, but financially it’s easier not to.
-Becca N

Comment by beccan


I definitely applaud your efforts to investigate what you’re eating further. I’ve always wondered what those numbers on apples meant … now I know. That’s really interesting.

I was wondering your thoughts on who should be doing a better job of presenting more information about the foods people eat? Do you think it should be grocery stores or food companies? I definitely think at least one of these groups should.
— Lauren Cunningham

Comment by Lauren Cunningham

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