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How many definitions are there of sustainability? by tesshedrick

What is sustainability?  When I was first posed with this question, I was hesitant as to what my response was going to be.  I was trying to think of the correct definition; I didn’t want to sound like I didn’t know the right definition.  Before I blurted out my premature answer, I did some research on the word, “sustainability.”

The first place I wanted to look at was the dictionary.  So I went to dictionary.com but to my surprise there was no entry for “sustainability”; however there were defintions of the word “sustain.”

I thouht I was going to be golden after “finding” sustainability in the dictionary that when I came back to spill out my definition, it would be the “right” one.  I was wrong.  through more research, I found that there are numerous defintions of sustainablity, and there is no concrete definition of it.

There are such websites that use the title of “sustainable food” to call to the attention of activism.  This article is warning people that a bill possibly being proposed to the Senate could be harmful to people.  Various chemicals will  be used to cover up any unclean practices of companies.

What I gathered from that website’s definition of sustainability is protecting foods from being injected with any more unnatural chemicals.  It seems to me that this website encourages ordinary citizens to start taking a stand and taking it upon ourselves to help protect our foods and the environment.  Out of three head nods for sustainability, I definitely give this website 3 head nods!

As my journey for what the one definition of sustainability lead me to other websites, I came across one that I for some reason felt relaxed when I came to it.  I mean, the website is called eartheasy.

The background of the page made me feel like I was in nature.  As I began clicking through the website, I hadn’t learned anything that I didn’t already know.  For instance, one of the pages on the website gave suggestions of where kids and adults could play in the environment.

The examples given were all ones I could have though of on my own.  I gave this website 1 1/2 head nods for sustainability.

When I think back to the 70’s (even though I wasn’t alive yet) I think of hippies who loved the environment.  This YouTube video of Jim Carrey from In Living Color shows that mainly hippies are portrayed as being “earth lovers.”

-Tess H.


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I am just wondering… what how would you define sustainability if you had to write a definition for a dictionary? -Kristina B.

Comment by kristinabev

I loved the video and had never seen it before now. I think sustainability ties directly into preservation and would compare the two definitions. One definition I came across for preserve was “to keep safe from harm or injury; protect or spare.” (www.dictionary.reference.com) and I think that is what we are trying to do with sustaining our environment. What do you think?
Becca N.

Comment by beccan

I agree with how you define sustainability. I am still unsure of how I define the word because I feel like there is no one right answer.

Tess H.

Comment by tesshedrick

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