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Environment and the Media by beccan

Commercials are always my favorite part of the Super Bowl, but the 2010 Super Bowl was disappointing when it came to commercials. One of the few commercials that I actually enjoyed was the Audi “Green Police” commercial. The Audi A3 Clean Diesel is an environmental friendly car that won the Green Car Journal’s 2010 Green Car of The Year Award. Audi sure did make an impact with its Super Bowl commercial, which reached over 100 million viewers.

Green Police courtesy of http://www.flickr.com


The “Green Police” commercial caught my attention quickly and I thought it was because I was taking an environmental course, so it was relevant, but when the sixty seconds were over I knew that it caught everyone’s attention. It was one of those commercials where there are a few laughs during the commercial and at the end everyone looks at each other and gives a half-smile and nod of approval like “yeah, that was good.”

When I further researched the commercial, I found that there is such a thing as Green Police! I had no idea that these police officers that seemingly took their job way too seriously in the Audi Super Bowl commercial, were actually based off of real green police officers. Audi’s Green Police were a humorous version of these real Green Police and were created to help people make better environmental decisions. New York is one state that has a squad of Green Police within the state’s Department of Environmental Conservation.

I liked how Audi, a luxury car company, showed us that we can still live lives in luxury while helping the environment, because I think that a common misconception about going green is that you have to make difficult changes and cut back.

Later in the week, after seeing the Audi Commercial during the Super Bowl, I tuned in to the only television show that I watch, The Office. I was shocked when I realized that the episode revolved around the difficulties of change. Steve Carell, the main character says, “too much change is not a good thing, ask the climate” after the company is told that they may no longer use small paper cups for water and instead all receive aluminum canteens to use.

This emergence of green in the media is becoming more and more prominent. Everywhere I turn there seems to be something reminding me of the importance of saving our environment.

And here’s the latest episode of The Office that I talked about, if you’re interested in checking it out.

Becca N.


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This was one of my favorite ads from the Super Bowl, too! I actually drive a Volkswagen Jetta that uses diesel fuel, and Lawrence is lucky enough to have a place where I can fill up with 99% biodiesel. Getting 40+mpg, I really like this car.

My question is, do you think that American consumers will be open to diesel cars? My impression of most Americans is they think diesel is a dirty fuel only meant for heavy duty vehicles like semi and pickup trucks. How do you think Audi (or other car companies) should approach this in further advertisements to prove to Americans the “green” benefits of diesel?

–Ben P.

Comment by bpirotte

I enjoyed reading your post very much. I was especially interested in the Green Police part.

Just the other day in my Journalism 433 Stategic Communications class, we discussed this ad and the Green Police specifically. My professor did tell us that the Green Police were real people. So I did know that, and I found that to be very surprising as well!

I am interested to know if you found any information on where these Green Police were from? Our professor asked us, but no one knew the answer. Also, why do you think the Green Police became so popular, and what do you think contributed to their decline?
Interesting post!

-Jackie M.

Comment by jackiemcc


That segment of The Office was funny to me because it reminded me of where I used to work. Corporate had announced that styrofoam cups would no longer be supplied to employees and that everyone would have to bring their own reusable cups. As an environmentalist I was thrilled. Employees went through at least 3 dozen styrofoam cups each day. To my surprise, almost everyone in the office complained. They all thought that people at the corporate headquarters were just being cheap. I actually only spoke to one person in the entire building who like the idea of no more styrofoam! -Kristina B.

Comment by kristinabev

I don’t know if Americans will be completely open to the idea of diesel engines, but informing them won’t hurt. It will at least let them know that not all diesel engines are pollutants.

I bet the Green Police became popular because they were new and different and had a cause that people should understand. If one day I got a ticket for an environmental crime, it would catch my eye and interest me.

Thanks for the comments!
Becca N.

Comment by beccan

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