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February 8, 2010, 7:10 pm
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Simran asked me to share this piece I did for Kansas Free Press. It’s nothing specially, I basically just recap Al Gore’s introduction to Silent Spring (click here for the full article) and at the end I asked readers to answer a few questions. One of the responses I got on facebook was from a gun slinging libertarian friend of mine who said the book Everything I Do is Illegal completely changed the way she bought food. Has any one heard of or read this book? The most interesting response was from Ken Polan, a semi-retired farmer and what he had to say really reminded me of the discussion we had with Frank Morris. Below is his response.


I’m a semi retired farmer, one of those guys who has used herbicides, pesticides, and commercial fertilizers ever since they became available. I was also in the livestock business and used insecticides and medications of all kinds.

Yes, I think all of those inputs have been grossly over used. I was never one who thought if a little was good a lot would be better. But, if anyone thinks we could feed the world population without those inputs, they are very much misinformed.

Now, do I think man can alter the environment? He most certainly can and has. I was born in the early ’30s (dust bowl days). If we had continued farming practices of that day, western Kansas would certainly be an arid wasteland of sifting sand that wouldn’t even sustain the roaming herds of buffalo and nomadic Indian tribes. If you know the area and history of certain fields, you still see the evidence of man’s abuse and neglect of those fields. Look at the air quality reports for the metropolitan areas. Sometimes that environment is certainly less friendly than it was before concentrated masses of mankind took over the terrain. Imagine what that air quality would be today, if all energy resources were still limited to fossil fuels.

Do we need the radical extremes of those who think we should go back to a lifestyle that would require God to provide manna every morning like he did for Moses and the wandering tribes in the desert? Do we need the radical extremists that say, forget the environment because God’s in control and man can’t permanently alter nature? That may work for that generation, but their children or grandchildren will have a drastically modified lifestyle as a consequence of the short term success of their predecessors.

Do we need regulation and enforcement to control society? I’m afraid we do. Do we need sensible and realistic approaches? I’m quite sure we do. Do we need radical extremist on both ends of the debate to make those regulations and enforce them? Certainly not!”


-Kayla Regan


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Thanks for posting that. It is definitely good to hear the perspective of someone who actually was a farmer. But I have to say, there are farmers (and economists) who do say that you can grow enough organic food for everyone on the planet, if more focus is put on communities organizing themselves on being more self-sustaining. -Kristina B.

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