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Green Awareness by tesshedrick
February 5, 2010, 4:50 pm
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Money, money, money. Shoot, I would do a lot of things for money. It looks like ToysR US had the same idea when they introduced a line of “eco-friendly toys.” Coincidentally, this line will hit stores on Earth Day! For some reason, that just made me laugh. Of course they would release the line on Earth Day! It does seem somewhat strange that businesses are jumping on the bandwagon of green things and whatnot and millions of dollars are being made off of this movement. However, my thinking is that any type of reference to helping the environment is good. I have to admit that I have never been that into doing anything “green.” However, with the help from various media outlets and celebrities endorsing going green, I have become more aware of what I can do to help the environment. Everywhere I turn, I feel like I am faced with some type of ad, commercial, campaign, or what have you about the environment. Because of all these things, I am now aware of the environment and I cannot ignore it. I am curious if the green movement is merely a trend, or if people will be more environmentally friendly long-term. I’m thinking that maybe this needs to start out as a trend to start making people aware and then gradually people will start actively participating in the green movement. I feel like this is the way that I will be successful in doing my “green” part.

-Tess H.


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The irony is that the most environmentally friendly thing anyone can do is NOT CONSUME! A pessimist could look at this and say that anything labeled as “eco-friendly” is a fraud. But, I am a bit confused… do you think environmental trends are good or bad? -Kristina B.

Comment by kristinabev


Looking back at my post, I now realize that I didn’t make my stance of whether I think trends are good are bad. At this point, I really don’t know. My thoughts are that only can time can tell if this will just merely be a trend.
-Tess H

Comment by tesshedrick

I think that you’re right, going green could be a good thing if started as a trend and I think that it has started as a trend. I just hope that this trend will spark knowledge and people will actually care and create sustainable habits that will last longer. Do you think that going green is a trend right now or do you think that people have created this habit of going green already?

Becca N.

Comment by beccan

You make a very interesting point. I agree that going green seems to be everywhere you look nowadays, and it is hard to ignore.

Your post was similar to mine, in that I talked about going green as a trend. However, my stance on it was different. You think it will start out as a trend and then become a habit, while I think it will be a trend and be gone.

It is interesting to compare the two points of view. I am curious as to what your definition of a trend is, because the reason our posts differ is because our definitions.

-Jackie M

Comment by jackiemcc


I see what you mean. I guess when I say that I think that the “going green trend” will stick, it’s more that I’m hoping it will turn into a habit for people. I may just be naive, though.

-Tess H

Comment by tesshedrick

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