J500 Media and the Environment

Fake vs Real by tesshedrick
January 29, 2010, 4:37 pm
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Throughout my childhood years, I could always count on the freezer being stocked with my snack food of choice, Twinkies!  Do not ask me why my mother kept the seemingly shelf-lifeless snacks in the freezer, but boy did they taste good coming out of the cold.  Probably consuming hundreds of boxes of Twinkies during my childhood, I do not regret eating any of them.  Why, you may ask; well my friends, ignorance is bliss.  How was I supposed to know that this soft, spongy, creamy (my mouth is watering right now) piece of “cake” was in fact FAKE!?  That’s right, I didn’t.  Unfortunately now I do; I am sad to say that now that I know the truth behind the infamous Twinkie, I cannot shield my eyes anymore.

Why is it that so many kids associate childhood with unhealthy foods such as Twinkies?  You don’t normally hear of adults saying that their favorite food is a Twinkie.  Marketing campaigns targeting children is one of the contributing factors is the media.    Food commercials are geared towards  children, and the timing of the commercials are at commons television viewing times of children.

One might guess that this slice of heaven couldn’t contain more than a few ingredients.  WRONG. Try 39 ingredients for each small cake.  And these ingredients are not any that you can find in your average kitchen.  One way to explain the ingredients in a Twinkie is, take a fake Coach purse.  If it is a really good fake, you can’t tell the difference between that one and the real Coach purse.  The same goes for the Twinkie ingredients.  Since eggs, milk, and other perishable ingredients cannot be used in Twinkies, for that would deter and defeat the purpose of the seemingly endless shelf life of the cake, other ingredients must be used to mimic the real ingredients.

Personally, I find this disgusting, and I cannot believe that children are consuming this artificial food.  Parents need to start teaching their kids at an earlier age about nutrition and how to eat healthy.  There are numerous websites that offer great tips for making nutritious, fun meals for kids.  It can be done, everyone!

–Tess H.

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I’m curious what role you think the government (FDA, USDA) should play in what should and shouldn’t be allowed in our food. As we learned in Food, Inc., there are a lot of problems with our food, for parents to have to research everything that they might want to feed their children can be nearly impossible. Don’t you think that your mom (and other moms) just assumed that the Twinkies were okay because the FDA allows them? -Kristina B. -P.S.- great video! Creepy!

Comment by kristinabev

It stands true that the easiest people to convince are children. They lack the reasoning capacity to analyze constructively. Later in life, they stil cherish elements from childhood. Call it nostalgia or engineered opinion, childhood favorites are hard to keep away.

What do you think about food that is bad for kids but has natural ingredients. Is it worse at all?

Sean T.

Comment by Sean T.


I think that what matter the most in eating for health (I’m not talking other moral aspects are humane treatment, etc) are ingredients. As long as the ingredients are natural, I think the food is okay. Obviously one shouldn’t eat nothing but natural cookies or cake all day long, but having one serving of natural junk food everyday I think is okay. For me, as long as it’s vegan I’ll eat it. -Kristina B.

Comment by kristinabev

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