J500 Media and the Environment

About Me: Ian Cummings by ianmcalli
January 18, 2010, 4:57 pm
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I’m Ian Cummings, and I’m originally from Kansas City. I’m a first year graduate student in the school of journalism. I did my undergraduate degree in anthropology, which I got into for the archeology field work and stayed in for the political commentary. I don’t regret it, but neither do I recommend it to people who like to be gainfully employed. Which is not a slam on anthropology; just economics.

I finished my undergrad in 2006 and lucked into a job teaching primary school at a small bilingual school in Honduras. It was in a very small town near the Salvadoran border, and I stayed there for two years, teaching and backpacking around. I learned some Spanish, among a great many other things. Following that, I came back to Lawrence for a short time, investigated the journalism school, and was about to start when I was offered another teaching job – this time in Bogota, Colombia. I went there for  a year and in the process decided that I don’t like teaching English and applied to the J school. I just got back.

In rural Honduras, I came to be pretty familiar with the environmental problems associated with cash crops: erosion, pesticides, the damage caused by cattle, water use, etc. I’ll be interested to engage these issues as we continue in the course.

I’m a writer and a reader and I pay the rent working in a kitchen downtown. I’m excited about learning a new trade.

Ian C


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