J500 Media and the Environment

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January 18, 2010, 3:45 pm
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I reached the supermarket checkout to hear the usual question,

“Do you need a bag for that?”.

I have countless bags at home, from eco- bags to plastic bags all scrunched up into one fabric bag. I keep them, ready to be grabbed when I buy my groceries in order to do my part for the environment. As usual, I had forgot. The woman smiled hinting that this was a familiar response,

“I’m exactly the same”, she replied.

As a 20 year old from Glasgow, Scotland, I should be leading the way in environmentalism. I have grown up in a world where wind turbines have created friction because they  ruin the ‘look’ of the environment and where  news articles about the threat of  polar bear extinction are the norm. And yet the most simplistic task of recycling, I cannot seem to manage.

That is why I have decided to take this class. As a junior study abroad student on exchange from the University of Scotland, studying journalism (news and info), it is my hope that I will be in the near future, providing the news that will educate people about important issues such as environmentalism. At the moment I don’t feel that I have grasped the importance of maintaining the environment or even understand what is exactly happening. If this is something that I don’t understand, someone who reads news everyday, then what must it be like for those who do not?

Even in my rather short lifespan, I definitely notice that the winters are becoming colder however alternatively, the summers are getting warmer and this is often something that is triumphed over.  Last year for example I went to a music festival and managed to melt my wellies in the heat.

What the repercussions of increased chance of a sun – tan are, I do not know. However after this class, I hope to spread what I have learned to those back home and make ‘a difference’, whatever that means.

Tone Holman creates a model of a life-size polar bear using recycled plastic bags.

Amanda Jayne N


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It will be interesting to hear a non-US perspective on environmentalism and attitudes toward conservation.

Comment by jmuselmann

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