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My framework for living by margaretec
July 26, 2009, 11:19 am
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I have a confession.  I knew that I would learn from my service work this summer.  I had no idea I would create my own framework for living.


Building a framework

My framework is my definition of sustainability.  Once I’ve fulfilled my needs for the essentials, I strive for curiosity, compassion, love, laughter and learning.

My reflections:

-Curiosity  appeased – learning what green means to my friends and implementing an action plan to deliver relevant, actionable ideas to my colleagues.  Learning about sustainability in myriad ways; making it real after hearing from Chris Doran.  Curiosity teased – I will: check out Mother Earth News, read Cialdini’s books on influence, research WalMart’s policies on a living wage and visit City Union Mission.

-Compassion – for the residents, workers and volunteers of the Lawrence Community Shelter, the Coalition for Homeless Concerns and for the people of Lawrence.  The situation is complex and stereotypes don’t apply.  I am hopeful that our efforts raise awareness, increase compassion and help the community find one thing to relate to, a common denominator, that helps them see the residents as individuals.

-Love – for the committed individuals I’ve met who are now friends and for the experience.

-Laughter – during class and about class.  Engaged, compelling speakers made this experience more memorable.

-Learning – understanding the basics about homelessness and fear, making room for other living things, understanding the need for balance.  Exert influence by understanding the audience, listening, finding common ground and framing the conversation.  Jeff McIntire-Strassburg talked about communications theory:  truth, accuracy and validity judgements are being made during every conversation – consider the listener’s sense of truth, accuracy and validity.

Rand Waddoups described striving to be as good as you were at your very best.  With my framework in place I will strive to be my best.



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