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Best Wishes to a Great Organization by carrieshoptaw

The Lawrence Community Shelter project has been great is so many ways. I met some amazing people in Lawrence: Guests, staff and community advocates. I learned that this facility has friends in high places and a grass roots team of volunteers committed to making a difference in this important community effort.

I was reminded of how fortunate most of us are who have a network of family and friends to guard us from transitioning through homelessness and that we should be grateful for every day we have shelter, clothing and choices about what we eat, where we go and how we live.

I learned that some people make taking care of people look so easy, not

Loring Henderson, Executive Director LCS July 2009

Loring Henderson, Executive Director LCS July 2009

only because they are heroes, but because if you really do care, it is easy.

I learned that with a little help, friendship, encouragement, food and a place to rest, you can get back the strength you need to fly over  seemingly endless challenges.

I learned you can make dinner for 50-70 in a few crock pots and pans and that fruit salad is a hit every time.

I learned that some politicians are champions for change, regardless of their next election campaign.

I was reminded, in one of my interiews, that senior citizens are the smartest of us all. (I already knew that!)

I am looking forward to the future of the Shelter and wish everyone connected every great happiness and success. No group deserves it more than they do.

We are all pulling for you, LCS!



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