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Does Your Footprint Scare You? by angelajon
July 15, 2009, 2:12 pm
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In my world, there is a conflict when defining Sustainment; and it comes from the BOOTS one wears.

My introduction to Sustainment was as an Army Intern in Force Management, Structure, and Design.  I helped design and document the Sustainment Brigade.  Here Sustainment encompasses land rehabilitation, warfighter support, continuous operations, lethality, survivability, and specifically range sustainment

My personal definition of Sustainment is shorter, but more encompassing:  Sustainment is all of the necessary actions required to maintain viability into the future

Listening to Chris Doran and watching the “Story of Stuff” has given me some questions to accompany my sustainment definition:

Q.1.  Viability of what?  Everyone has an idea of what needs sustaining but yet we each want tons of ‘stuff’; what do we give up so we can sustain our planet?

Q.2.  What are the necessary actions?

Good Reading; a Study of Our Planet and its Population

Good Reading; a Study of Our Planet and its Population

After defining what needs maintaining, we then must determine the necessary actions to ensure that viability is maintained. 

 Q.3.  How do we institute these actions?  How do we ensure it is done, and done correctly? What Sustains you?

 Q.4.  Who needs to act?   Everyone on the planet!  This asks who do we educate?  Alex Steffen states, 1/3rd of our planet population are kids; they are our future so we must focus on educationg them about the necessity of Stustainment

 Q.5.  Lastly, and unfortunately the most heavily weighted question of all, the question that can halt all progress, the driver behind Q. 1-4:  Where will the money come from to fund all of this sustainment?

My greatest fear is that we are too late.  Do we know enough to determine what must be done immediately to save Earth.  What if we imbalance the life-chain irreparably through our ignorance? 

What if the price is too high for John Q. Taxpayer? 

Will our arguing and feuding over what needs to be done and how distract us from action; will the planet die? 

I find lots of information on how I can reduce, reuse and recycle, but I am scared; will it ever be enough?  Is my footprint too big?  How scary is your footprint?

Angela Jones


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I agree that it is scary to think how far we have come from the world the pioneers started developing in this country. I also believe that if we judge footprints as hopeless, then we lose the opportunity to do what we can.

My mother lives more than 1,500 miles away, and at this point in my life, I need to travel frequently by air. My carbon footprint is outrageous. Rather than give up or feel like I should spend money I don’t have on offsets, I choose to do my best to control what I can. In a few years, my situation may change and I will be the one with the tiny carbon footprint.
Holly Eitel

Comment by hollyee

thanks for the note. Actually, I believe you are helping the planet a great deal by caring for your mother, no matter how far away she is. If you were not able to go help her, she would have to rely on someone else and it is very likely that they would not be as environmentally concious as you are. Loving and caring for those around us is as sustainable as you can get.

I am still scared, but each of us have to find a balance and press on doing what we can. My goal now is to simply educate as many people as I can.

Thanks for writing.

Comment by angelajon

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