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Green…It’s more than just a word. by jennibro

Green. What once was only a word to describe the color of the grass, has quickly become a revolutionary word that has garnered the worlds attention. People are working hard to educate themselves on what is and isn’t green, but the fine line between the two often gets blurred.

Paper for example, is more than recycling, or using recycled paper. A Kansas City blogger for Thekitchn.com recently wrote a blog about this very issue titled, “Why Being “Paper Towel Free” is Overrated”. In the blog she discussed the times when paper towels were the right tool for the job and when they aren’t needed. The response came in floods with people either thanking her for alleviating their guilt, or completely reprimanding her and calling her a “poser”. Most of the negative comments addressed the build-up of paper towels in landfills, or the idea of bleaching.
An article from the North Star chapter of the Sierra Club states that the bleaching of paper releases harmful chemicals called dioxins which can end up in streams and water sources and accumulate in the sediment.

While it is wonderful that many people are taking the time to educate themselves and work toward helping the environment, most people are stopping halfway through the education process. They hear that they should only use unbleached papers and begin a personal campaign to get others to do the same. But, do they know how far that unbleached paper had to be shipped from the manufacturer to their home?

How exactly is a person to be green when they don’t know where to start? With so many conflicting thoughts it can be very overwhelming. However, if a person makes an effort to educate themselves and make the right personal choices when it comes to chemicals, recycling and paper use they will be on the path to being green.
Being green won’t happen overnight but with knowledge comes innovation, and innovation is what is needed to make being green more than just recycling paper.

To learn more about the paper controversy visit The North Star chapter of the Sierra Club.

-Jenni Brown


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Jenni, your post resonates with me. I am guilty of reading and believing. I aspire to be more educated than I am today and to read multiple points of view so I can make informed choices that make sense for me. The New York Times piece on green noise inspired me to register for simple daily tips from a couple of sites. Check the links below if you are interested.


Comment by Margaretec

Thank you Margaret. I have actually been subscribed to idealbite.com for some time now. I feel that a lot of the tips that provide are simple shortcuts to Being Green and don’t address all of the questions people have on what is, and isn’t green. They do provide a good jumping off point however, and all of the ideas they give are great, simple, ways to incorporate being eco-friendly into your daily routine.
I’ve never heard of simplesteps, but i’ll have to make sure and check it out!

Thank You,
Jenni Brown

Comment by Jenni Brown

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