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About Me: Christine Weremy by christinewerem
June 14, 2009, 3:18 pm
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The night we became engaged on a cruise in the Bahamas

The night we became engaged on a cruise in the Bahamas

I’m Christine Weremy and my life continues to grow crazier every year since graduating college. I graduated from Marquette University (www.marquette.edu) in 2006 with a BA in journalism and moved to Kansas City in 2007. Since moving to Kansas City, I’ve had two jobs, found a boyfriend, became engaged, bought a house, adopted a puppy, started taking two graduate courses a semester and (along with my fiancé) will be housing a 13 year old girl for the summer and maybe longer.

I currently work at Penton Media as an Online Audience Manager and have been there for a little over a year. I love my job as I’m paid to use Photoshop and Dreamweaver daily. For the past year, Penton’s Intranet has promoted employees to email ideas of how each office can save money by practicing green initiatives. While specific green ideas each office may be using has yet to be promoted on the Intranet, I have submitted a few ideas. All of the ideas dealt with light and how Penton uses three separate options to illuminate our offices – overhead fluorescent lighting, fluorescent lighting at each desk and windows within each office. My idea was to not use the desk lighting and each office should only use daylight instead of their overhead lighting.

While green initiatives are not promoted within our office there are obvious signs of recycling and friendly green behavior. Each floor recycles paper and aluminum cans and Penton is the first office I’ve worked for that uses a low amount of paper. There are nine other Online Content Managers and it is rare to see anyone using a pad of paper. Of course this means that if one computer crashes that day’s productivity goes down the drain.

But enough about work and more about me. This year has been the year of major changes for me. I adopted a puppy, became engaged, went on my first cruise, bought my first house (http://thekesslergardnerhome.shutterfly.com/) and will be housing a 13 year old girl for the summer and probably beyond. Our house is new, is in Gardner and should be completed by the end of June for a July move-in date. Buying a new house is crazy as there are many details of house accessories to choose (interior and exterior paint color, cabinet wood colors, lighting fixtures, fence preferences, landscaping preferences, deck with stair or now stairs, etc.). Buying a house that is further outside the city also means more time driving, and buying a new house means meeting with the developer multiple times a week. But it also means taking pictures of the home as it becomes completed which is fun and builds wonderful memories.

Our dog Tai. a.k.a. "The Tai Fighter"

Our dog Tai. a.k.a. "The Tai Fighter"

I would include what I like to do as a hobby but my busy life doesn’t allow me to have a hobby. In fact, I’m writing journal entries for my other summer course (Writing for Marketing) on how to find ways to distress myself without adding more activities to my day. I’ve found there are many ways to distress a person but a person’s personality can define what techniques work best. My distressing activities may be practicing some type of meditation (yoga, tai chai, etc.) and taking nature walks.

I’m excited to learn about what green techniques my office may continue to follow through discussion and research within this course.


Christine Weremy


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Oh so cute Puppy!

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