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About me: Jenni Brown by jennibro
June 11, 2009, 7:25 pm
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“Passion will make you crazy, but is their any other way to live?” -Howard Hughes



My name is Jenni Brown. I am 24 years old and I live in downtown Kansas City. I am a recent graduate of, The University of Central Missouri. In May 2007 I recieved a Bachelors of Science in Commerical Photography with a specialized minor in Advertising Design.

Upon graduation I diligently interviewed for various companies in the Kansas City area, and I found my home at Burns & McDonnell. I am the Corporate Photographer, and a Graphic Designer, for Creative Services in Corporate Marketing. I photograph project sites, company events, sustainability initiatives, public outreach events, interviews and press conferences. My company has a strong faith in sustainable design and have constructed numerous sustainability initiatives on our World Headquarters campus. My job has given me the ability to document the construction and execution of a green roof, pervious pavement parking lots, a bioswell, rain garden,smart grid and a photovoltaic system. I have attended, and documented our sustainability summit that brings in the leaders of the industry to address sustainable ideas and the technology that is behind them.

Our entire company stands behind leaving the world a little bit better than we found it, and works to help correct the mistakes of the past. The Creative Services department has attended numerous workshops and webinars all dealing with sustainability in the paper industry. Because of these classes we can honestly say that we use 100% recyclable papers. We can say with confidence what percentage of our papers are post-consumer waste and which are pre-consumer waste. We know our footprint, and we work with mills that provide something back to the environment that they are taking from.

My boyfriend and I just purchased our first house and will be moving in a few weeks. I can’t wait to plant a little garden in the backyard and ride my bike through the neighborhood. We are also gaining a 3rd member of our little family. She’s 5 weeks old now, has a wet nose and bg ears.

Our lil' bugWe bring her home the first week of July. For those that wonder, she’s a papillon.

On the weekends I love getting fresh vegetables at the Farmers Market and making fresh salsa to munch on all weekend, going for walks through the park and just sitting inside with a good book letting the breeze blow in through the window. I adore photography and am rarely seen without a camera in hand.

I look forward to class and can’t wait to expand my knowledge of being green!

PS-I turn 25 on July 24th. See you in class!

Jenni Brown


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Hi Jenni,

I’m interested in your employer for two reasons: I applied for a job at Burns & McDonnell a few weeks ago and I’m hearing a lot about green engineering firms in the K.C. area more and more. Working for a company that promotes green buildings, are you seeing a lot more green engineering firms in the K.C. area? I’ve watched the “Greensburg” television series for the past two seasons on the Planet Green Channel and have heard alot about the (a href=”http://www.bnim.com/fmi/xsl/index.xsl”>BNIM firm in Kansas City – although I’m sure they are a rival of Burns & McDonnell.

Comment by christinewerem

My job tends to focus around green engineering. With our multiple green demonstration projects, as well as collateral being created to show our clients we are green it has become more of a norm around here than anything.
I think there are other engineering companies in the KC area that are attempting to go green, but I think Burns & Mac jumped on the green idea of things so quickly that we are the market leader. We have all of our demonstrations, Large full-scale LEED projects across the US, including a university in Quatar and have done multiple community service projects based on green energy. We have the Burns & McDonnell Engineerium at Science City which teaches kids about sustainable design. We have adopted the Center school district and are making improvements to their school campuses and teaching them through greenhouses and other activities, teaching them what they can do when it comes to sustainability at home. We have also begun a large scale program for the neighborhoods around the center district and are creating irrigation and bioswells, among other things, to help contain their rainwater and make the neighborhood a little nicer.
I actually haven’t heard much about BNIM. Our major cmpetitor tends to be Black and Veatch. BNIM may be doing great things, but they seem to be on a smaller scale than a lot of what we do. (For example, our university in Quater has controlled rooms set to the students standard. When they come in the room it will sense they are there and turn on everything including adjusting the temperature. This way when they aren’t in the room no energy is being used. There are mutilple photovoltaic panels they produce most of the campuses energy, bioswells to gather rainwater (which is a valuable commodity out there) Sidewalk coverings, tinted windows and strong insulation to protect the building from the suns heat. It seems like Burns & Mac is trying to make this type of project our new market and are doing everything possible to conserve energy and teach others how to do the same.
Sorry for such a long answer! Better get back to work. See you on friday!

Comment by Jenni

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