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About Me: Trey Williams by TreyW

“Clowns”…”Bees”…”Those creepy twins from ‘The Shining'” That’s a sample of the answers my friends gave as we sat in the north dining hall of the University of Notre Dame reflecting on our biggest childhood fears, one of the many mindless dinner conversations we had in our college years. Given their relatively reasonable answers, I guess I should have been less shocked by the awkward looks I recieved upon revealing my biggest childhood fear.

“Global Warming” I said without even looking up from my flank steak. As the words left my mouth, I was so busy thinking of the scrawny boy in the early 90s who literally hyperventilated as he listened to Nick News’ Linda Ellerbee describe the rising tides and diminished food supplies that would result from Global Warming that I didn’t even notice the slack jawed gazes of friends. Had they known the boy rather than the man (not that they are all that different) they wouldn’t have been so surprised.

Nick News with Linda Ellerbee circa 1992

Nick News with Linda Ellerbee circa 1992

I spent most of my elementary school years on a military base near coastal North Carolina. With two working parents, my younger brother and I were free to run amuck in the pine tree forests and grassy fields of the not-so-deep south. When our parents were around, the four of us spent a lot of time breathing the salty air on the shore. It’s no wonder that I developed a love for nature before I was even 6. That love is what made the animated images of Global Warming on Nick News all too terrifying to a kid already prone to panic attacks and led him to form the “Clean Up Kids” at school and get his family to recycle…before it was cool.

Now 25, my fear for our world lingers. I’m too young to think that the world of the future is “not my problem.” God willing, I’ll still be alive when the world takes the turn that experts predict. Even if I weren’t around, I love my sister, only 12, too much to be ok with leaving her a pillaged planet.

Me and my sister at her dance nationals competition, Myrtle Beach, SC

Me and my sister at her dance nationals competition, Myrtle Beach, SC

I hope that my fledgling career in interactive marketing leads me to opportunities to innovate the way companies communicate. Though only a small piece of the puzzle that is reversing Global Warming, corporations have a civic duty to make the necessary adjustments to their operations to protect the planet. At least, that’s what Mrs. Ellerbee told me.

*Trey Williams*


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I didn’t mean to scare you. But I guess I’m kinda glad I did. Keep up the good work.

Linda Ellerbee

Comment by Linda Ellerbee

Wow, thank you very much. I guess “inspire” is a better verb than “scare” so let’s go with that. I will continue to do what I can!

Comment by Trey

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