J500 Media and the Environment

About me: Dave D by Dave Dunn

“I’ll probably be dead by the time our environment’s trashed, so why should I care about sustainability and environmentalism? And ‘Going Green’ is just a hippie thing, right?”

That was my thinking and attitude for a long time, but it’s dramatically changed. Growing up in a Kansas City suburb and throughout my undergrad days at Mizzou, I never intentionally did things to hurt the environment, but never went out of my way to help it either. Now I (probably) drive my wife crazy doing things to improve our environmental impact and am fascinated at new ways to improve sustainability both individually and globally.

I don’t know exactly when or why my attitude towards the environment changed. Part may result from experiences as a journalist and covering stories from eco-friendly initiatives, to living “off the grid”, to the financial benefits of conservation and consequences of waste. Another part of my change of mind, may be my concern for the next generation and problems they could face if people continue to think the way I used to.

Our first child, a boy, due October 1st.

Our first child, a boy, due October 1st

The more I learn about green initiatives, the more I like it, and the more I understand the importance and benefits. I don’t see myself becoming the next “No Impact Man” anytime soon, but do see my relationship with the environment evolving to, well, we’ll see.

I love my current line of work, but am pursuing a Masters Degree to expand my possibilities in the communications field. No matter what field or industry I go on to work in, I believe environmental initiatives will be a hot topic. And I believe more people, like myself, will be in the mainstream and able to say they’re actively “Going Green”.

-Dave Dunn


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