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About Me: Jason Merckling by jasonmer
Colorado Family

Rocky Mountain National Park

Childhood experiences, surroundings, and family values help shape our perspectives on life.  Thankfully, I had a second chance.

This is not a complaint or regret towards the past.  It is simply a show of gratitude for the significance that came after I left home at the age of seventeen.  My family is built on generations of farming, small business, and Midwestern values.  Unfortunately, intolerance and selfishness had a place at home as well.   A vivid image exists in my mind as I left home to become the first in my family to attend college.  Breaking the family circle meant exposure to new ideas and the consequences of personal choice. 

Now, seventeen years later my experiences create new beliefs to replace childhood assumptions.  Central to these experiences are interactions with both benevolent and injurious people that exert influence as their currency.  Negative interactions generally taught the most.  Lessons on integrity, personal accountability, and hard work frequently came at a high cost.  Without that cost I wouldn’t be where I am today.  The price was worth it.

My immediate family, a wife and three children, is my focus today.  I see a world that needs leadership on the environment to preserve it for our families, our children, and our future generations.  We need new perspectives on environmental topics such as waste management, recycling, and childhood education–a concerted effort to rewire the country’s philosophy.  Instill a sense of personal accountability in young and old for the future of our environment at both a local and national level. 

Or more simply stated…a second chance.

leanpharmaBannerMy twelve years since college have placed my feet firmly in the pharmaceutical industry.  I began as a research chemist and later transitioned into sales.  Currently I manage a team of ten sales representatives in Kansas and Missouri.  I am interested in exploring greener options for the pharmaceutical industry and ideas where innovative scientific research merges with eco-friendly solutions.  I envision an industry dedicated to preserving the environment while saving lives.

Jason Merckling


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