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Benefits of Local and Organic for the Health Nut by Janie

Ok.  So maybe health pine nut would be a more accurate description.

I’m not on the South Beach diet, I don’t train for marathons, nor do I eat protein shakes.  But I do stay active, eat my veggies, and get a good night’s sleep what I can.  For most of us average health pine nuts, food is not something to be feared or micromanaged as grams of sugar and carbs.  It is a source of life, pleasure, and comfort.  Of all the relationships in our life, food is perhaps the most intimate.  After all, what we eat is converted into the building blocks of who we are.

It is easy to forget that most of the industrial produce we consume contain traces of pesticides and chemical fertilizers and is shipped in from thousands of miles away.  The idea that the food on my plate was sprayed by men in chemical resistant gear and picked before ripeness in order to survive the hours of transport makes me seek alternatives.

greensThe urban farmers and gardeners of Kansas City provide local, organic food–precisely the alternatives we need.  Their crops are guaranteed fresh, oftentimes only picked the day before market.  Farmers work bare-handed, feeling the rich soil between their fingers, unafraid that any chemicals or synthetics will harm them, their crops, or their customers.

When visiting Blue Door Farm, farmer Laura Christensen picked a piece of mustard green for me to try. I hesitated, accustomed to washing and rewashing my salad greens before eating them.  She simply popped it into her mouth, savoring its tangy taste and freshness.  I followed suit and was promptly and pleasantly surprised by its freshness and taste.  Eating locally and organically is a way to take care of your body, and a delicious one at that.

Janie Chen, group 3

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