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Victory In Vogue by mackenzies09

Victory Gardens are a hot topic right now. As Angela Greene, creator of the Salt of the Earth Youth Garden, puts it, “they’re definitely in vogue.”

Vintage Vogue Magazine Cover

Vintage Vogue Magazine Cover

As the days get warmer and the price of everything gets higher, many people decide to do more than just consume. They create. A Victory Garden can provide enough fresh produce, flowers and herbs to feed a family with enough left over to share with neighbors. You can even throw a chic dinner party for your hippest friends. Plus, there are lots of ways to get creative with your garden.

Some growing trends of the moment are tea or dye gardens, wine and beer gardens, cuisine themed gardens and using eco-friendly and recycled gardening products.

Cuisine gardens offer growers a steady supply of just the right ingredients for a series of delicious meals. For Chinese meals you‘ll want mung beans, bok choy, water chestnuts, Chinese parsley, snow peas, and ginger. For Mexican inspired dishes try tomatoes, jalapenos, bell peppers, onion, and cilantro. And a Thai palette will require kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, chives, ginger, and cilantro.

A wine-pairing garden is a popular choice for enthusiasts of spirits. Red wine enthusiasts will want to grow tomatoes, eggplant, sage and olives. Melons, citrus fruits and apples are delicious options for white wine lovers.

But before you begin planning your home-grown meals, you’ll need some tools. One of the most convenient and cost effective ways to begin is by looking at what you already own. Look through your kitchen, garage and basement for items that can be recycled as garden pots, raised beds, stakes, forks, trowels and spades. Try planting in an  old Red Flyer Wagon or roller-skates. And an old head board works great as a garden gate or a trellis. Get creative!

This is one fashionable band-wagon you won’t regret joining.

-Mackenzie Steffen, Group 1 – blog post

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Mackenzie- I don’t know what I was expecting in light of the interview that took place, but I didn’t quite envision what you wrote. I didn’t know you’d take the statement about the green movement I made being vogue and literally go that way. I appreciated the opportunity to share what we are trying to do with our program in the Northeast area. We can use exposure to promote and support our start-up efforts. I feel, however, the heart of what was conveyed was a moot point. I have to say that I am not angry. You have shown me that I need to ask more questions about how information/interviews will be represented. Thank you.

Comment by AGreene

Angela, I just want to clarify. I conducted an interview with you to write a piece for the KCCUA farm tour blog, found here:
I hope that it does in fact represent your amazing work. The piece above was inspired by our conversation and was presented to Katherine Kelly as part of a group project. Our overall theme was the Victory Garden, the history, current trends, and kids. This is by no means a representation of Salt of the Earth Youth Garden. I was trying to address ways that KCCUA could reach more people interested in urban agriculture. I am very sorry if this post was offensive to you. Please let me know if there is anything I can do.
-Mackenzie Steffen

Comment by Mackenzie Steffen

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