J500 Media and the Environment

A different perspective by tylerw09

I didn’t grow up eating local food.

My mom would make wonderful meals for our family, but I did not have a very big relationship with my food. I would eat fast food from time to time and I never questioned where my food came from. 

For a short time my mom had a garden at our house in Topeka. I remember that she grew strawberries and that I didn’t like having to pull weeds.

The readings and discussions of this class, as well as my experience with the KCCUA has totally changed my perspective.

I now am developing a better understanding with my food and want to start a garden as soon as I can. troostwood-300x200

The kids who work at the Troostwood Youth Garden  are growing up understanding where food comes from and learning from an early age how to eat healthy.

I am moving to New York City at the end of the month and want to start an urban garden. Seeing the many different places that food can be grow makes me very optimistic that I could actually grow my own food. 

Working with the KCCUA has also taught me more about the seasons. It never occurred to me that it was a bit strange that I could buy broccoli all year. 

I think that this disconnect with the food I eat and with the seasons is horrible. 

Now that I have more knowledge I feel like I should try to help educate other people.

I think that actually creating an urban farm will help me learn more about the food that I eat and help me learn more about myself

-Tyler Waugh


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Tyler, I bet you’ll find some awesome opportunities to garden in New York. It can also be a great way to meet people. I understand your affinity for fast food, because I have one too. I’ve been trying to phase it out.. baby steps.

Comment by christinaw09

It’s been very hard. Since I have a campus meal plan I have been trying to eat at the dining hall as often as possible, but the healthy options there are somewhat limited.

Comment by tylerw09

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