J500 Media and the Environment

This is the Story of a Seed by Janie

We are all essentially storytellers.  As journalists, bloggers, or writers, we are all taught to consider the angle of our stories, the variety of our audience, and the credibility of our sources.  Throughout this semester, I have learned not only to consider my role as a storyteller but that there also another storyteller amongst us: our food.

The food we eat tells the stories of the farmers who grow the crops, the industries who market it, and the consumers who eat it. It is a tale of small, local markets and large industrial corporations, a tale of organics, the food bill, and eating trends, a tale of the gluttons and the hungry.

Working with KCCUA, talking with the passionate farmers who are writing a new story for food, has opened my eyes to a lifestyle that offers an alternative to the chemical, polluting, and monocultural.  This experience has been a life-altering one.  I can say with absolutely certainty that I will never view my food in the same light again.

The farmers of the KCCUA farm tour have helped me understand the human aspect of the food we eat.  An apple is no longer just a round piece of fruit, but as a result of our food choices also a representation of what we value, whether it be our local community, our environment, or our health.  Before meeting these farmers and gardeners and hearing their stories, I too suffered from a severe case of food disconnect.  I never realized how deep, how enjoyable and spiritual, our relationship with food is.

I find myself lucky to have had the chance to write for KCCUA, to be a storyteller for these farmer’s extraordinary lives.  Like the seeds that they so carefully tend and nurture, a seed of knowledge and awareness has been planted in my own mind, one that I can only hope to plant in others as well.

Janie Chen

storytelling here and seedling photos credit


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This is very well-written. I love when non-journalism majors find out that everyone is truly a storyteller.

I hope that people start to realize that food is such an important story, both to us as individuals and as a collective whole. Storytellers have a long way to go to get the masses engaged, but every day it seems like it becomes more of an achievable goal.

Comment by Lauren Keith

Food tends to get put on the back-burner when it comes to the issues, but through this class I realized how connected it is with everything around it. Its story deserves and needs to be told. And I like to think each and every one of us are capable of telling that story.

Comment by janiec52

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