J500 Media and the Environment

Digging Deep by amandat09

I grew up less than 5 minutes from KCCUA, and didn’t realize it was there until visiting the farm for this class. My parents went to the farmer’s market sometimes and we knew the food was local; but to learn that the food was actually being grown 5 minutes from home in an urban plot of land right off the highway made me realize what a truly groundbreaking venture urban farming really is. I had barreled down the highway in my car countless times, passing by the farm unaware that urban farming was growing and strengthening its roots so close to home.

Urban farming is something we can all get excited about!

Urban farming is something we can all get excited about!

Getting food from the neighbors used to sound like a throwback nostalgic notion from days long ago, but now I understand that it’s the wave of the future. More and more urban farms are popping up around the country, and for good reason. Connecting with farmers and understanding the labor and the love that goes into the food makes eating so much more of a rewarding experience. When fluorescent grocery store aisles give way to people, to smiles and handshakes, to earth and the outdoors, you know something great is happening.

My parents taught me the value of the dollar, but KCCUA taught me the real value of food. Instead of just being something to sustain me as I’m rushing from one place to another, food is now something worth treasuring. It’s the perfect culmination of community, environmental and health values coming together to reshape the way soceity thinks about food. I couldn’t be happier with all I’ve learned.

–Amanda Thompson


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All to often I too treat food like something that I need to get between doing A and B. It’s amazing how something that we do everyday takes such a back- burner priority. It will take a stronger media to show us that these urban farms are so close and producing fresh produce that is so healthful.

Comment by bryand09

One of my farms was only 5 minutes away from my mom’s office in downtown and I had no idea it was there. I love how we’ve both had our eyes opened to the origins of our food and both been pleasantly surprised that one of those origins is right in our city. We should make a trip to the Lawrence Farmer’s Market sometime soon!

Comment by janiec52

That’s why I feel so good about what our final projects are- I wish I had been made aware of these farms sooner, we can only hope we are reaching a few more people with our stories!

Comment by amandat09

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