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Shifting the focus from Universal Healthcare to Universal Environment by bryand09
Pollution finds its way into every part of our life, especially our food and our water. When will we realize that our healthcare and our environmental policy should be connected?

Pollution finds its way into every part of our life, especially our food and our water. When will we realize that our healthcare and our environmental policy should be connected?

A while ago, I was advocating for Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius to stay in Kansas and help battle the eminent threat of two coal power plants proposed to be built in Holcomb Kansas. Well, she didn’t listen to me.

But maybe the second time’s the charm?

With an environmentally friendly secretary of HHS, maybe the environmental movement will start to be seen as a close counterpart to the nation’s “health care crisis.”

Not to long ago, I was arguing with my friends about what they would rather have: a universal healthcare system or a clean environment. With only so much money to go around (and the mass expense of a universal healthcare system), I asked them to pick one. After complaining about “that’s not fair” and “I’d do both” a few of them considered that maybe if we spent money cleaning up our environment now, we wouldn’t have to spend so much money taking care of everyone later.

Aren’t many of our cancer problems related to our environment? Haven’t we seen the correlation between the air we breathe and the water we drink and our health? I think it’s obvious, but I think what’s less obvious is why we continue to focus on some Utopian healthcare system instead of cleaning up the trash around us.

If we continue to pump money into taking care of us after we are already sick, instead of lowering the number of environmentally related illnesses, those lines people complain about in Canada will look like the express lane at Hy-Vee compared to the packed waiting rooms we’ll start experiencing here. Remember we have about 270,000,000 more people than Canada.

The senate is set to confirm Sebelius sometime next week and despite her abortion and tax woes, no one seems to think that he confirmation vote will be anything but successful.

Bryan Dykman


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I agree with the notion that if we fixed the source of our problems it would be better in the long run, but do you have any suggestions about how to convince people to take funds away from them or raise more revenue to go towards fixing the problems?

Comment by meganr21

I also agree that there is definitely a connection between a healthy body and a healthy environment. I think the difficulty lies in making that connection evident to the public. Sometimes, the health effects take time to appear and geographical distance makes it difficult to trace. If we could show people about how the two are intimately connected, maybe we’ll have a greater concern for the environment (and put more money towards its protection.)

Comment by janiec52

Although there is a connection between healthcare and the environment, I’m not sure how many people actually see that.

Anytime a new survey comes out about Americans’ top concerns, the environment and global warming don’t even make the top 10. Is there a way that we can make more people see that the environment is tied up in everything, from the economy to the war in Iraq?

Comment by Lauren Keith

this reminds me of my post about medicating animals when the REAL solution could be addressing the way that we keep them. this is what scares me about humans– we barrel forward, trying to keep our lifestyles intact in anyway possible.

Comment by brennad87

I agree. It’s all about lifestyle and wanting to make your SUV green, etc.

Comment by bryand09

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