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I’m no Victoria’s Secret Model by Janie
April 24, 2009, 3:03 pm
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I love my tummy. 

It is the manifestation of every ice-cream cone, every gene in my DNA, every Turbo kick class.  In a desperate attempt to achieve a Kate Moss body, I once tried to vanquish it with obsessive crunching, pressing, stretching, and starving, though I now realize how it is a symbol of a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

Before college, food was simple: eat what my mother put on the table.  Food was an enjoyment, a form of sustenance, a way of spending some family time.

Yet when I left home, food took on a new fascade.  It had calories, grams of protein, ingredient lists.  It came in whole wheat and whole grain, diet and low-fat, organic and local and hormone-free.  Eating now came with pressures and paranoia and calorie counting became a ritual.  I was stressed, depressed, and all-around obsessed.

We are all born with knowing how to eat.  It is knowing what to eat that requires learning.  My mother’s meals were simple, yet healthful, because they were based on simple principles: eat your veggies, don’t stuff yourself, and a little dessert never hurt anyone. I had tried to count my calories, measure out my servings, avoided high fructose corn syrup like the plague.  Yet the key to health and happiness lay in guidelines I had always known.

It is so easy to make food confusing and complicated, yet simplicity and understand can be obtained.  What are some principles you follow?

Janie Chen

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I’m personally a big fan of trying to eat healthy in general BUT not denying myself junk food when I feel like I need it. Everything is fine in moderation so long as my diet doesn’t shift to salt and vinegar chips and fruit snacks. I think being aware of what you’re eating is important but so is not stressing and overanalyzing it.

Comment by meganr21

I have a major sweet tooth, especially when it comes to chocolate. Put peanut m&ms in front of me and I have no self-control. So instead of depriving myself I like to buy good quality, super dark chocolate bars. I’m satisfied with one square because the flavor is so intense. This way, I can eat chocolate every day.

Comment by mackenzies09

Eating in moderation is a good way to go. Mackenzie, I’m like you, I have a HUGE sweet tooth. So to keep myself from consuming large quantities of candy I usually grab a chocolate chip granola bar.

Comment by janiec52

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