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Do you love your mother? by marybethw


How much do you love your mother? Enough to set aside a day to celebrate her? Enough to turn out the lights for her? Enough to rethink your food choices for a day? Well, starting in 1970 people across the country have held celebrations for her and, more recently, have started going dark, and looking more closely at their plates. 3393791445_e48e507470_o

Beginning in 1970, when the first Earth Day drew millions, groups and cities have started their own celebrations. When I was in high school, our Earth Club participated in Baton Rouge’s Earth Day activities. Although I have since attended activities, this year I am reprising that participation. As part of Animal Outreach of Kansas (AOK), I am going to participate in Lawrence’s celebration in South Park.

Recently, however, I’ll admit, I forgot to turn my lights off. In 2007, Sydney, Australia went dark; in 2008 others joined in across the globe. The 2009 Earth Hour goal was 1 billion people going dark on 28 March. The point? To both reduce greenhouse emissions by turning out the lights for an hour and to raise awareness of global warming.


Similarly, annually, FARM sponsors Meat Out, which asks people to go meatless for a day. While this event focuses on animal issues, doing as your mother always taught you, eating your veggies, can help the planet. Although this Saturday will be the city’s Earth Day celebration, AOK is also hoping to raise awareness of animal issues and the relation to other earth issues, such as global warming.

I’m looking forward to Saturday (fingers crossed it doesn’t rain!) and getting more vocal. I encourage you all to come out for some good food and good times. Come on, show your mother you care.

~ Mary Beth

Photo from: Flickr via Earth hour site


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Going meatless once in awhile is a simple way to save money, improve your health and greatly reduce your carbon footprint. If every American cut just once chicken meal from their diets every week the carbon dioxide savings would be the same as taking more than a half-million cars off U.S. roads!

Meatless Monday is a public health campaign which encourages Americans to skip meat one day a week.

Comment by Tami

When I went vegan four years ago, I did it for the animals, then I learned all the other “stuff” (environmental, health, etc) why animal-derived products were not the way the way to go.

Comment by marybethw

Earth hour this year was pretty neat – a lot of folks I know were able to participate and I think part of that was the massive advertising on TV and the web. I wish other things like the meat out were more widely advertised because I think more people would participate that way, it unfortunate that many groups don’t have the funding to do so.

Comment by meganr21

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