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Love on two wheels by tylerw09

I think it’s the warm weather that did it. I’ve decided to start riding my bike again. Before I had a car I had my bike. I would visit my friends and ride to coffee shops or restaurants.

I rode a lot less once I got my car.

I always thought it was strange that my mom was more concerned with me riding my bike then driving my car in Topeka

but now I understand.

Topeka is a not very bike friendly city and I would often get yelled at by motorists or ran off the road. This led me to take long trips though side streets and alleys to get to my destination.

This should not be how cyclists are treated! I am doing my part to drive my car less and I deserve some respect!

I am lucky that Lawrence has a bronze-level status as a bicycle-friendly community. I feel comfortable riding on most rodes and most motorists are act courteous and safe. There are also bike lanes and trails for cyclists.

5 American cities were on the list of the 11 most bike friendly cites in the world. I wonder if the state of the economy and gas prices will change this? I know I try to only use my car to drive home to Topeka.

There is already an international ride your bike to work day, but has regularly riding your bike to work become a stigma?

I hope not, because there are few things I like more than riding my bike on a beautiful Kansas day. The wind is splashing my face and hair and I forget all my cares, at least until the ride is over.

-Tyler Waugh

Photo Credit: Earcos on Flickr


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I did my undergrad at UC Davis (in the 5th most friendly bike town) and it was amazing, we biked EVERYWHERE. I think it’s a little more difficult in parts of Lawrence because of the hills and no bike lanes but it’s getting there in newer parts of town. Also there is a cool thing my dad and some of his friends do called critical mass (http://critical-mass.info/) where once a month ppl ride en mass to make communities more aware of biking.

Comment by meganr21

Bikes and bikers definitely need more love. An Oregon representative wants to tax bike riders — how about instead of being discouraged to bike, cities and states work to create safe bike lanes and encourage people to bike? It’s better for the air and our health, anyway.

Comment by jessicasb

Megan: Critical mass is amazing! I have done it in Lawrence but would love to do it in a larger city. UC Davis sounds awesome.

Jess: I think that is ridiculous. That representative is trying to get money anyway he can!

Comment by tylerw09

The Bicycle Commuter Act should be encouraging more people to ditch the keys for their bikes. We can only hope that Lawrence continues to get better!

Comment by amandat09

I have so many wonderful memories of biking around in France.

As far as bike safety goes, I have always had this hero worship for London’s bikers. They zip in and out of the worst traffic, traveling at absolutely frantic speeds. It seems like each turn is death defying– a type of machoism almost.

Comment by brennad87

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