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Keeping Kansas Clean by matthewtb

An old man walks through the grass on the side of the highway.  He stabs trash with a sharp pole and places it into a bag.  This stretch of road runs along his property and he was just trying to keep it clean.  When passing motorists throw trash from their vehicles they are littering on people’s property.  Someone has to pick it up.  In this circumstance it was the guy who lived closest to the trash.  

Throughout the state of Kansas there are organizations dedicating their time to help collect roadside trash. The Kansas Adopt a Highway program has been operating since 1990, relying on volunteers to pick up the trash of their fellow Kansans.  Highways are adopted for two years and the organization’s name is posted along the side of the road.pickuppieceoftrash1

There are many miles of roadway that are not currently adopted.  In the windy state of Kansas the trash can blow far from the roadway where no one will come across it for years.  When it rains the water will carry this trash into our streams and rivers.  This poses a threat to wildlife and pollutes our agricultural land.

It’s bad enough that we are filling up landfills with trash.  However, people will continue to throw trash from their vehicles, despite looming littering citations.  As long as there are organizations to donation their time, these roadways will appear cleaner.  Only if people learn to Give a Hoot, don’t Pollute, will we curb this litter problem

-Matt Bristow

photo credit: johnnygeo-blog.blogspot.com

video credit: youtube.com


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It seems like pollution is a problem we have forgot about. It’s more like a buzzword, replaced by “hole in the ozone” and now “global warming.” It’s truly upsetting that we treat such problems like buzzwords — it’s an abuse of nature and language alike.

Comment by bryand09

I wish the United States had a better waste disposal/recycling program and mentality. Driving home from Olathe this weekend, seeing all the trash billowing around on the ground made me terribly sad. In a way however, it’s reminding us of how wasteful our lifestyles can be and that when we throw away our trash, it doesn’t just disappear.

Comment by janiec52

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