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Kansas cries over “hormone free” milk by bryand09
April 3, 2009, 2:17 pm
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Not treated with any hormones (but FDA says those extra hormones don't hurt)

Not treated with any hormones (but FDA says those extra hormones don't hurt)

When I think about hormones, drinking milk doesn’t come to mind. But maybe it should.

This week a bill (summary) was being debated at the statehouse that would require milk producers who labeled their milk as being “hormone free” to also include an additional label that would say something like “but the FDA doesn’t think hormones are bad.”

I first heard about injecting growth hormones in cows to boost milk levels in the documentary The Corporation. Ok so some cows have extra hormones, some don’t. Why does that matter on the milk label?

Worldwide, most developed countries have forbid the use of rBGH in milk production — Japan, the UK, most of the EU, Australia, New Zealand, but not the United States. Those countries have realized that rBGH, while not destructive to human life, certainly is not agreeable with the cows.

As consumers, we should want to be informed about what is in our milk supply and should take serious pause when so many other developed countries have turned their back on growth hormones. Sure, the FDA says it isn’t harmful to humans, and considering how many unnecessary trials they do, they are probably right.

But at the end of the day, if we are going to drink milk, it aught to come from healthy cows.

Over a year ago, Monsanto Co. tried to get this label requirement past at the federal level.  They were denied. May the states have similar wisdom.

-Bryan Dykman


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While the country’s you note have banned r-BGH (or BST/r-BST) from use, at least as of 2003, they had not banned import of items from cattle on which r-BGH is used; nor do those imports have to be specially labeled. As far as I know, this was in response (at least partially) to the US crying foul, that import restrictions would hurt free trade flows.

Comment by marybethw

I also watched The Corporation and although Monsanto failed at passing this bill at the national level, they continue to go state to state, trying to pass the bill. I think it is messed up that they would try and have the FDA say that “hormones aren’t bad.”

Comment by matthewtb

Thanks for the update Mary Beth. Perhaps the ban was mostly symbolic? It would be interesting to see the political processes that the bans went through.

Comment by bryand09

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