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The Ax in My Side by alyv

I’m so glad my TV got fried during that electric storm.

Now I don’t even have to cr1546_deforestationoss paths with that horrible excuse for “entertainment” on the History Channel: Ax Men.

You know, that show that paints loggers as these heroic, last frontiersmen who brave the elements of nature for their high-risk job.

What a bunch of crap. Ax Men no more promotes American heroism than Stephen Colbert actually supported George W. Bush.

Do you know what the catch for this season is? It’s a competition between five logging companies in the Northwest to see which one can tear down the most trees. Yeah, real heroic, guys.

Here’s what the show fails to mention:

  • More than 1.2 billion people across the world rely on forest resources to survive.
  • About 70 percent of the planet’s plants and animals live in forests. Some forests – such as the old-growth forests in the Pacific Northwest where our friends the Ax Men are so happily chucking away – are the only places where certain animals live.
  • Every two seconds, a forest the size of a football field is cut down – now for our viewing pleasure. Eighty percent of the planet’s ancient forests are gone forever.
  • Because of the vast number of harvested trees, deforestation contributes 20 percent to 25 percent of all carbon emissions.

But the craziest thing about all this is?

Most of the information I cited is on the History Channel Web site.

Here’s an organization that loyally promotes deforestation, but has an entire Earth at Risk package describing the main factors of the earth’s destruction, highlighting deforestation as one of them. The channel also cites global warming as the cause of two “Mega Disasters” that could wipe out large portions of the human population.

I mean, are these people idiots? Do they actually watch what they expect us to? Is this some sad attempt to “show both sides of the story”?

Or is it a way to justify the money they make by destroying the earth?

I’ll let you be the judge. But as I said, I’m just happy I don’t have a TV.

Which one is it, History Channel?


Thanks to YouTube (2) for the videos.

Thanks to Brockernation for the picture.


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I’ve seen that show too and it made me sick to my stomach! I couldn’t believe the History channel was endorsing and promoting deforestation! We need to find an address that we can flood with our feedback about their choice of programming!

Comment by christinaw09

Yeah, I have no idea. Something needs to be done though. It’s just absurd.

Comment by alyv

I totally agree with you. Every time I see the promos for this show I am newly appalled that it is on the History Channel, or that it is on at all. Hello, they’re tearing down the trees!!!!!

Comment by Turned out to be white trash

I agree with you completely, this makes me sick. I have seen a commercial for “Extreme Loggers”. ON THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL!?!?!? What is going on!? How can you have Planet Earth and Extreme Loggers on the same channel!? Who would not be disgusted by this type of TV show is what I want to know.

Comment by Kevin Jakubowski

I could’nt agree more, while Axe men is pretty entertaining if you don’t allow yourself to think about it, while I realise these guys have to make a living I wonder how many trees they plant to replace the ones they cut down, and what about the habitats that take hundreds of years to create?

Comment by Dan Forster

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