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I’d like the cheeseburger…without the meat by marybethw

Have you ever entered a restaurant and done a mental happy dance? Clapped on realizing you can eat everything (or nearly) on the menu as it is? If not, well, eating out is probably not as…inventive for you as it can be. Me, on the other hand? Well, lemme put it this way — my dad has likened eating out with me to the scene in When Harry Met Sally, where Sally makes changes to everything she orders.  It might seem like eating out wouldn’t be that big a deal — supposedly, it’s the easy option, right? But then again…

In high school, when we’d stop at fast food places, I was pretty much left with the option of a “meatless cheeseburger” — which, judging from the number of times I had to describe what that meant, apparently is a harder order to fill then it might sound. Now, of course, places like Burger King offer veggie burgers (although they’re not vegan) and BK has made other changes to become more humane. 

Of course, eating out means concerns more than just what’s on your plate. There are the environmental impacts of water and electricity usage and garbage produced. Although it may seem a stretch, there is a link between going to a restaurant and leaving a larger carbon footprint. But does that mean you can never eat out and be environmentally conscious? Nope! There are a number of resources to help you find “green” or “veg friendly” eateries. 

I will admit that the happy dance isn’t a regular dining out occurrence. The time above? Well, that was upon entering my first ever all vegan/vegetarian food restaurant. And for someone who pretty much has never been able to order off the menu, it definitely called for happiness.

~ Mary Beth

Image from: cartoonstock.com