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Why spending money won’t save us by bryand09
March 6, 2009, 3:52 pm
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What’s worse than a bad environment? A bad environmental policy.

Uploaded to flickr.com on July 24, 2008 by net_efekt

Uploaded to flickr.com on July 24, 2008 by net_efekt

Between subsidizing oil and commercial farming, to this nations devotion to ethanol, we have made some major mistakes in how we spend tax dollars in the name of a clean environment.

By now most people know about the side effects of growing too much corn for fuel instead of food. And if they don’t know, they’ve seen them in the price increase at the grocery store or around the bar.

But, do we know the side effects of over subsidizing select parts of the economy? Do we understand that our tax and subsidy policy has everything to do with our clean environment or our lack thereof?

Hardly. And it’s obvious when we look at this nations attitude toward the public sector subsidizing (the new word is “bailing out”) the private sector.

We are so use to spending money as the end all be all. But we have spent a lot of money in this country and look at the results — a crippled economy, a dollar that has lost over 90 percent of its value and little to no actual wealth.

We need to seriously consider how we spend money on the environment and what role money has in its regulation or protection. We need to understand the economy is the human extension of ecology — money flowing through our economy is symbolically the same as energy flowing through our ecosystem. Money like energy can be wasted. Money like energy is being wasted. Is it really a coincidence that the color of the environmental movement is the color of money?

Better question: If I spent $100 on the environment, would the government give me any change I could believe in?

Bryan Dykman


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I think government tends to jump on ideas too quickly sometimes, and too slowly other times. The effects of ethanol were not looked into enough, but the idea was jumped upon immediately because we want corn to be all sorts of crazy things…. all this while wind or solar energy has come along much more slowly. Blah.

Comment by amandat09

I really like your post because it discusses subsidies – most people including myself only have a vague idea of what they are and if we had this kind of information taught to us in general we’d have a better idea of how the government is influencing our lives and what the greater impact is.

Comment by meganr21

I like the comparison you make between money and energy flow. How can energy and natural resources get the same consideration and attention as job loss and economic downfall?

Comment by christinaw09


Job loss and economic downturn are felt so quickly, while the environment . . . is hardly ever considered. We need to tie the environment and the economy together (as they should be) and have people see them as one thing not two separate ideas.

Comment by bryand09

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