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Taking remote-control of your home by meganr21
March 6, 2009, 12:48 pm
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If there’s one thing that I’ve learned while living in Kansas it’s that the weather has a mind of its own. Imagine you’ve been out of town the last two weeks. In that time the temperature has fluctuated between 20+ degrees below freezing and the mid 80’s. So what happens when you’re a few hundred miles away and you can’t race home to turn the heat on so your pipes don’t freeze? You get a system like iControl.

iControl is a remote home monitoring system that permits you to control devices in your home from anywhere via a web portal or cell phone. This allows you to maximize your home’s energy efficiency by remotely adjusting your thermostat or turning off that lamp you forgot about.

Just want to control your appliances? Check out Plogg, a wireless energy management device. Like iControl, Ploggs allow you to control appliances remotely, which can save tons of energy and money each year.

So if you’re like me and have a tendency to forget to flip off a lamp when running out the door or you hear about a freak snowstorm when you’re out of town for the weekend, take remote-control of your home. Not only will it give you peace of mind, it’s also a great way to save energy and money and it’s easy, you’re online now so you’re practically half way there!

Megan Richards

Image Credit: Peabody Spaces


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How very Jetsons! iControl seems really cool and practical. Is it expensive? I couldn’t find a price on their site.

Comment by mackenzies09

I think costs vary significantly depending on the product and company – but there seems to be lots of companies and gadgets out there with these capabilities – my guess for a few hundred dollars you could probably get a house rigged up – which if you consider the environmental impact (reducing the carbon impact) and implications for your wallet isn’t too bad.

Comment by meganr21

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