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Does New Zealand have a new idea for the meat industry? by tylerw09
February 27, 2009, 3:45 pm
Filed under: Food + Health

The more I learn about the food I eat, the more I realize it is much bigger than I thought.

According to an article about Slaughterhouse Blues most people do not know much about the food they eat or the conditions that food is processed in.Pig

“When all the social costs are tallied, our cheap meat is much more expensive than we can afford,”  Eric Schlosser, author of Fast Food Nation writes in the foreword.

“Slaughterhouses are now located in rural areas that rarely get much attention from the national media. … Most Americans live in cities or suburbs and have little idea where their food comes from.”

I have little idea where most of my food comes from, and I live in the Midwest, America’s farm.

I never thought of the dangerous work conditions of meat processing plants, including repetitive stress injury, and the wages of the workers.

I mean, you can even get sick by just being around these places, according to an article in Rolling Stone about the Pork Industry.

However, there may be light at the end of the tunnel in the way New Zealand is dealing with meat.

According to the Meat Industry Association of New Zealand, one of their goals is to

“be at the forefront of international food safety and the environmental sustainability of agricultural production thereby maintaining competitive advantage.”

The 07-08 Meat Industry Profile highlights food safety, animal welfare and environmental concerns. New Zealand is working with the Pastoral Greenhouse Gas Research Consortium.

New Zealand is fighting for better conditions, I hope America is watching and listening.

– Tyler Waugh

Thanks to Farm Sanctuary and Flickr for the for photo


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Because we export so much of our produce, New Zealand has been at the mercy of non tariff trade barriers masqueading as health and safety standards as our trading partners demand more and more rigorous standards.

The plus side of that is that our meat works probalby lead the world for food safety standards, looking after workers, and ironic as it might seem given their purpose, the animals.

Comment by homepaddock

Where did you hear about this, Tyler?

Comment by brennad87

Do you think New Zealand’s size has anything to do with its policies? Is the U.S. too big for “small” things like that?

I hope not…

Comment by Lauren Keith

Brenna: A little is mentioned in this article


Then I looked a bit deeper and found



I hope to learn more about it.

Lauren: That’s an interesting comment, I didn’t even think of that. Perhaps it could be some sort of national regulation, but it is the state’s job to make sure it is carried out?

Comment by tylerw09

Industrial farming is hardly what most of us would recognize as farming, and the sooner that we realize where and how this meat came to us, maybe more of us will stop supporting this industry.

Did learning about this change how you eat or make you think twice?

Comment by bryand09

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