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Super size my shame by tylerw09
February 20, 2009, 4:17 pm
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Fast Food

I didn’t grow up on fast food.

When I was younger my parents would cook a dinner that was generally healthy. The meal would always include fruit, vegetables and often some variety of meat.

It wasn’t until I got to college I started eating fast food, and a lot of it. I’m ashamed to admit that I eat so often at Burger King that they know me by name (Yuck). Sorry. I have a lot of excuses. I could say that it’s cheaper (it’s not), it’s more convenient (then cooking? No way!) or that it’s only a few times a month (it’s not).

The real reason is the taste. I really like the taste of fast food. I really shouldn’t.

According to Natural News some of the ingredients are also used in products like soap and play sand.

the documentary Super Size me hasn’t changed my actions. Mike Morgan ate nothing but McDonalds for 30 days to see what would happen to his body.   

The thing is, I know fast food isn’t good for me. I still do it. Is there something psychologically wrong with me? Is it the media? Do I secretly want to sleep with Ronald Mcdonald?

According to an article by Eric Schlosser, author of Fast Food Nation, ninety-six percent of American school children could identify Ronald McDonald. The only fictional character that was more recognizable was Santa Claus.

It seems obvious I can’t do this myself. So if you see me eating a BK double stacker (I wish I didn’t know what that was) please let me know how you feel about it!

At the end of Super Size Me Morgan poses a question. Who do you want to see go first, you or them?” Behind the text is a cartoon tombstone of Ronald McDonald (1954-2012).

I want it to be them.

-Tyler Waugh

Thanks to ebruli for the picture and youtube for the video. 


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I too understand what it is to love something (fast food) that is so obviously bad and wrong. Not only do I understand what you’re saying, I think I’m making a reputation for myself. At a costume/spy themed birthday party I went to this weekend my code name was “Fourth Meal”. As you may know, that is a marketing slogan for Taco Bell. I think I’m going to embrace my flaws and realize that transition takes time; I have cut back… but I do love a fourth meal.

Comment by christinaw09

I love how revealing your post is…and how many of us can identify. I rushed to see “Super Size Me” when it came out, but I too was disappointed because I didn’t think that a list of statistics was really going to change anyone’s mind. What can be done to really reach people with this kind of information (especially when those people don’t necessarily want to give this food up, me included)?

Comment by Lauren Keith

I know exactly what you mean about the love of fast food (my vice is Taco Bell) but I found once I eliminated fast food from my budget (i.e. buying more food at the grocery store to last me longer), I really didn’t have a craving for it anymore. Plus I got over my fear of cooking, and haven’t poisoned anyone yet, so I think I have one over fast food.

Comment by alyv

Such an honest post! It can be a bit overwhelming to read all about what we shouldn’t be doing and act accordingly, especially when you’re coming off a highway and you see some golden arches…. No ones going to know, right? I’m tempted sometimes myself.

Comment by amandat09

Lauren: Is there a bottom line? Will people only care about these things when it is cheap? Why would someone go to the farmer’s market or buy organic food when fast food is so much cheaper and has been engraved in our brains since we were very small? I think their idea is to get customers when they are young, that’s the idea behind happy meals!

Comment by tylerw09

we all fail in little ways. i get mad at myself for my indulgences– obsessions like microwave popcorn– and for being lazy and not turning out a light when I leave the room. we all fall prey to things and do things beyond our best judgement… but that is human nature.

but the key is that you are aware your choices may be wrong. You know to get mad at yourself for eating fast food and at least some of the time, you probably make different choices. the scary thing is that there are so many people who aren’t educated enough to see any problem with what they are doing… that scares me.

Comment by brennad87

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