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Don’t “Just Eat It” by tylerw09
February 13, 2009, 3:34 pm
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“Just eat it.”

That’s how Larry Lev , an agricultural economist at Oregon State University, described the motto of industrial agriculture in an article by Carla Wise.

People just eat what is readily available and cheap. I admit that sometimes I am guilty of this, no one is perfect.

I do consider myself “sustainable” for a number of reasons. I try to eat local, recycle, unplug things when I am not using them, avoid driving my car when I can, take short showers and try to be aware of all the things I am doing.

Every article I read for this class makes me want to research my food more thoroughly. After watching the video about Monsanto I realized the mainstream media isn’t telling us everything. They are hardly telling us anything.

What can I do about this? If a lot of people know then can they make a difference?

This week is leaving me feeling somewhat helpless and uninformed.

– Tyler Waugh


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I know how you feel.. The situation with GMOs is on a global scale that seems impossible to reconcile. But don’t fret! The most important thing you can do is be aware of yourself and the choices you make. I think it best to only bite off what you can chew and focus on what you can change.

Comment by christinaw09

I agree. In the field of environmental studies, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the scope and interconnectedness of the many issues that plague our world and society. All we can really do is try our best to change our lives first, others second, and hope that our influence on other people will make a positive ripple through many others.

Comment by janiec52

Tyler– I felt the same as you when discovering the disparity between Monsanto’s website (which LOOKS legitimate) and their practices. But Janie and Christina are right. We are already demonstrating that we care by being in this class. You are trying to make conscientious choices. And moreover, we are seeing a lot of these movements like environmentalism and eating local turning into trends. As we discussed last week– trends can do great things and inspire real change!

Comment by brennad87

In response to Tina: I’ll just look at it like a big problem that can be solved with a lot of small steps. That way it doesn’t seem so big.

Comment by tylerw09

You feel helpless because that’s the way the world has been built for us. We don’t have to rely on ourselves; we have to rely on others for almost everything we do.

With food, that can leave us especially vulnerable. Maybe sometime soon it will be “power to the people” again.

Comment by Lauren Keith

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