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Get out the meat! by marybethw
February 8, 2009, 12:33 pm
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Coming up next month (20 March, to be exact), is a yearly event that asks people to not eat meat for at least one day. Meatout is an international event that attempts to educate people about the benefits (to themselves, to animals, to the environment) of choosing fruit and veg over meat and dairy. While those of you who are “die hard meat eaters” may scoff at giving up your hamburger, think about what that single burger costs. Environmentally, there is the damage to soil, water, and other natural resources; there is also the massive deforestation (especially in South America) that, in turn, severely affects our climate. There is also the “human angle” — just imagine if the grain used to feed the cow (probably a dairy cow that has passed her “usefulness”) were, instead, fed to humans. Your 1 pound burger takes up to 16 times that of feed. And, yes, there is the non-human animal cost. A 2001 Washington Post article detailed the cruelty found in today’s slaughterhouses.

As 20 March gets closer, I’ll post again with more info — consider this a “teaser,” if you will. If you’re interested, I have some print materials dealing with being meat/animal free in general and will have more that is directly Meatout related next month. In the meantime, feel free to visit the FARM (Farm Animal Rights Movement) Meatout site.


~ Mary Beth


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This reminds me of buy nothing day. I had no idea about The Great American Meatout, thanks for sharing!

In response to your comment I worry what will happen when something more popular hits the scene and being green or a locavore becomes yesterday’s news.

Comment by tylerw09

I’d never heard of the Meatout before. But all of the vegetarians I know do so for environmental reasons. One teacher of mine told me that for every 10 pounds of meat you consume, 100 pounds of grain could have gone to people who probably need it much more than you need your steak. Kind of eye opening.

Comment by amandat09

Exactly. Eating meat is an incredibly inefficient way of gaining the vitamins, etc. from plants and has so many more negative affects. While, admittedly, I came to veganism via animal rights and a belief that we humans are not the center of the world and can live more humanely with other creatures, I quickly also embraced the lifestyle for all the “other” (i.e. environmental, human, etc) reasons as I read more about how our animal use has affected both our planet and our society. I was a life-long vegetarian prior to choosing a vegan lifestyle and I think on some level I had (erroneously) felt that since I only ate dairy, I hadn’t Really been part of the problem. But, then I learned more about where the milk (and cheese) that I’d eaten with gusto fit in the factory farm cycle and it was even easier to be glad I made the choice.

Comment by marybethw

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