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Moving in a Local Direction by mstinawood

Identifying one’s self as a locavore has become a trend, a fashion. As we all know, trends are temporary and move out of our frame of reference as quickly as they enter in. However, there are people who are working to make this trend a mainstay among flighty seekers of modern movements.

Time constraints are one of the biggest obstacles in this eating local lifestyle change. Many people cannot find the time to visit the farmers market, cultivate their own goods, or simply don’t want to. This could be looked upon as a hurdle for the longevity of locavores, or as a business opportunity. Residents of San Francisco have the opportunity to hire Trevor Paque. His company, Myfarm, will install and maintain organic vegetable gardens in the backyards of homes. His business provides what people want, fresh local food, and takes care of what they don’t, taking the time to get their hands dirty. Receptions at the Plaza Hotel, New York now have a local food option. For $72 per person a “100 mile menu” is provided. The goods originate from the caterer’s farm and surrounding fields in upstate New York. 

Fewer and fewer people have the time or the capacity to cook homemade meals for their families. With this trend has come the development of the private chef sector. More and more people are ordering prefab meals from private chefs and local businesses. As the demand for local food increases, local menu options grow. Like any trend, the rich reap the benefits before a cost effective version trickles down to the masses, but there are more affordable and available options springing up across the United States. My prediction: careers in local food preparation and cultivation are on the rise. Take advantage and find your niche!

Tina Wood

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I really love the ideas of hotels, not just strictly eating establishments using locally grown produce. The only issue is $72 per person seems to be on the pricey side. I enjoy it when the food I eat is really fresh and frequent local burger whenever possible, but the unfortunate reality is that until prices for local food become more comparable to mass transit foods, the general probably won’t shell out the money as sad as that is.

Comment by meganr21

The longer the idea and movement of local food grows, the lower the prices will become. As more vendors enter the scene there will be more competition and available options. The key is education!

Comment by christinaw09

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