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Catchphrases don’t stick by justinlev7
February 6, 2009, 2:49 pm
Filed under: Food + Health, Local Events + Action

So, I found this blog called Slashfood which is full of of interesting foodie trends and is very  significant to the ‘lens’ of our class this semester. Check it out!

Locavores, hmm? ahem, that’s interesting… Must be an important trend somewhere, if it was adopted to the Oxford American Dictionary. I guess. The truth is,  I don’t think I will ever  use that word in conversation.  Sorry, the humiliation would kill me.

locavoresdilemmaSee, ’cause where I’m from, the Midwest, we use simple phrases like ‘eating local foods.’ Less glamorous, I know, but honest and straight-to-the-point. Some may find the phrase ‘locavore’ catchy and bright, but I find it kitschy and trite. One would expect to see the word ‘locavore’  on the internet and think, ‘What is that, some kind of dinosaur?’ You forward it to a couple friends,  run around for a few days proudly telling people about your new title, and then forget it forever.  It ends up gathering dust in your closet with your pogs and your Atkins diet.

I can see the logic behind trying to make good habits attractive. But cheesy catchphrases like this are bound to attract only the weekend shoppers: people who want to try something temporary and fun, then go back to their normal habits. The cause will gain more ground if we find Americans, like Art Carden, who are willing to investigate the truth behind the trends, even (and especially) if  their conclusions disagree with ours. Say what you may, Carden’s arguments make you think, seriously, about the decisions you make.

Real change is found by embracing healthy behavior, not by embracing empty catchphrases and kneejerk, uninvestigated generalizations.

-Justin Leverett is doing the Locavore stomp, which he imagines is similar to watching Barney dance.


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I agree with the notion that most people won’t use locavore in conversations, it’s not just a trend in the mid-west, only a small percentage of people will incorporate it into daily use. I will say that while the term is a fad, the trend of being more aware of where food comes from and adopting healthy habits seems to be increasing.

Comment by meganr21

Yeah, il think you’re right that healthy habits are becoming more popular. That term just struck me as really silly:)

Comment by justinl7

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