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Should I Meet My Meat? by tylerw09

Organic Locavore

Eat local. Eat local. Eat local.

I see this demand everywhere. Though I didn’t know that locavore was the New Oxford American Dictionary’s 2007 word of the year, or even what a locavore was until very recently.

It seems simple enough, only eat food from a 100-mile radius from where you live.

I always like to know where my food is from, so I can really know what is in it. When cattle, sheep and goat farmer Bryan Welch is asked how he can eat his own animals he responds “How can you be so cruel as to eat animals without knowing them? Without knowing how they lived? Without making sure they were treated kindly and with respect?”

I have two fears concerning locavores.

1) People will be overwhelmed. They won’t want to change their lives so dramatically, thinking you are either a complete locavore or not a locavore at all. the point is to live and eat better while helping community farmers at the same time.

2) The point will be lost in the popularity of the trend. People may be buying local, but they are driving their hummer to the farmer’s market. Is shopping local the new green sex toy? These ideas can get people into the discussion of sustainability, but the discussion can’t stop there.

Maybe I am being too critical of people, but these issues are important.

– Tyler Waugh

Thanks to organic plantivore for the picture


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Your line about people driving their Hummers to the farmers’ market: Too true.

People have to start somewhere, though. But with every step, I think people learn more and more about what’s important (in regards to loving Mother Earth). It’s just a matter of time.

Comment by jessicasb

I agree that, some (ie the Hummer drivers) consumers will by local (like organic) because it’s the “hip” thing to do (and, I think, it also reflects our nation’s “charity/concern of the moment” — the mindset that sees big concerts held for one crisis one month and another the next, as if the first is fixed and no longer our concern). However, I also agree with Jessica that maybe we should look at it as a starting point — one from which those of us with a more in-depth concern can work from in trying to get our messages across.
(Oh, and I have to say the Welch quote really frustrated me when I read his piece — and still does. He assumes so much. But that’s another topic — I just find it interesting that that caught your eye too.)

Comment by marybethw

I totally agree! eating locally is not something you can just give lip-service to; it’s a very real challenge, and you need to be willing to work on it a bit at a time if you’re gonna get anywhere.

oh, and this might be interesting:


Comment by justinl7

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