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Terrible Twinkies by tylerw09
January 30, 2009, 12:53 am
Filed under: Food + Health

At first I was shocked.Banana Twinkie

I knew Twinkies were bad for you, but I really had no idea.

According to Steve Ettlinger, Twinkies have 39 ingredients , including something that is also used the same material as glue on postage stamps and envelopes.

Using these materials allows Twinkies to last longer, making more money.

After I settled down and finally stopped trying to think about the last time I had a Twinkie I had a revelation. I do not know where a lot of things I eat come from. Was I better off not knowing what was in a Twinkie or a hot dog?

No. These are things I am putting in my body, so I have a right to know. As a college student I could easily say that I do not have the time or the money to avoid terrible food like this. This is just untrue. If I learn to eat better and to at the very least figure out what I am putting in my own body I can acomplish a few things.

1) live healthier with

2) Start a precedent. People may say that these corporations will never stop making and mass distributing these awful products, but the I believe that the consumer is the one with the power. It may cost a little more, but I believe that your own body and health worth it.

Twinkies are also close to being bailed out of bankruptcy by General Electric Capital Corporation. I’m glad to see them have such good priorities with money during this time of economic crisis.

– Tyler Waugh

Thanks to Flirkr and Curt for the photo


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I also agree that “the consumer is the one with the power.” If people choose to eat healthier and skip on the Hostess products, corporations would pay more attention to what people are demanding in their food.

Comment by jessicasb

I agree with your comment about the consumer having power; if consumers started not buying things like Twinkies, the producers would not make the kind of profits they want and, eventually, will stop or cut down on making/marketing the product in question. However…(and maybe this is the cynic in me) we’ve seem similar events in the meat industry. During the late 1990s and early 2000s, when it started becoming clear (at least to a larger portion of the country) what was going into the evening hamburger (i.e. cow’s being fed other, downer cows), beef sales went down. But, the meat industry, with it’s strong pull in Washington and on Wall Street, has done everything in it’s power to bombard consumers with it’s version of the “truth.” Also, even though it has since been well documented (and in mainstream media outlets) that other “food animals” are also being fed animals, consumers are still ingesting pork, lamb, and fowl. Like I said, maybe it’s just me being negative, but while I agree with your post, I just haven’t seen enough evidence to make me think that knowledge about what’s in our food will change consumer habits.

Comment by marybethw

Loved the story about the bailout…I’m sure Interstate Bakeries will use the same excuses that GM did: “But we’re an American company…”


Comment by Lauren Keith

I can’t believe Twinkies are about to be bailed out! I agree with the consumer having the power. I would hope if more people were aware of some of the ingredients or cared about them, the processed food businesses wouldn’t be so dominating.

Comment by amandat09

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