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Not So “Big Delight In Every Bite” by alyv
January 28, 2009, 10:06 pm
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Reading about Steve Ettlinger’s investigation into the ingredients of Twinkies told me I currently have a chemical half-life of about 2 billion years. Now, I am left with one question:

Who cares?

I don’t mean that in the cynical, indifferent tone it’s usually delivered with. I mean, quite literally, who cares.

I know who should care about what goes into the food they eat. It should be everyone. That the ingredients in most foods on American (and the world’s) grocery shelves are the same materials that make disinfectant and weedkiller, is absolutely terrifying. It should motivate everyone to take a closer look at what they’re putting in their mouths.

I know who does care. It’s the people who pay attention to their surroundings, who care what their food is made of and where it comes from, and who remain, sadly, the minority.

The fact of the matter is, most Americans probably don’t care. Look at movies like Super Size Me, Thank You for Smoking, An Inconvenient Truth. Those movies delivered important messages about the world we live in, but how were they met?

With indifference. Sure, some people said they’d eat a few less Big Macs. Some tried recycling for a while. But it doesn’t last. Not if the changes take sacrifice.

I know I sound pessimistic, but I don’t think anybody, not in America, not in the world, cares about what goes into the food they eat. At least not enough people to create a market change.

The guy drags on for a while, but just wait until after he tries the 3-year-old Twinkie.


Thanks to HoustonPress blogs for the picture of Twinkie the Kid.

Thanks to YouTube for the video.


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i think that this has to do with a change in perspective. maybe people don’t care right now, but it is not impossible to think that they won’t one day care. a shift in awareness is not impossible to happen, but people need to be willing to prioritize and change their lifestyles– in some ways, the facility of their lives (because what is easier than grabbing pre-packaged food and driving to Dillons instead of the farther away organize store). To make change, government legislation must go hand and hand with people’s desires. and the media, if they take this up as a cause, can sell these ideas.

besides, in other cultures people do REALLY, REALLY care what is in the food they eat. in france, there are huge “bio” (organic) movements.

Comment by brennad87

and i have great hope that with the change in administration, we will see shifts in awareness of a lot of things… maybe this will come with more corporate accountability?

Comment by brennad87

The man in the video is either incredibly brave, stupid or well paid to eat a three-year-old Twinkie. Especially one that tastes metallic and crunchy.

Comment by matthewtb

Oh and a cream filling with the consistency of caulk. YUM! I wonder how long his body will be preserved after he dies.

Comment by matthewtb

I’m trying to figure out what it would take for me to take a bite of that. I’m not really sure any amount of money would suffice. It’d have to come with something like no taxes for the rest of my life or something…

Comment by alyv

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