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About Me: Justin Leverett by justinlev7
January 26, 2009, 12:12 am
Filed under: About Us

n37616406_34459128_5801Hi, I’m Justin Leverett! Though I grew up in Carbondale, Illinois, I went to preschool in Pittsburg, Kansas. I was born in Seoul, Korea, three weeks later than expected, the morning after my parents heard the blowing of the shofar for Jewish High Holidays. I’m a junior studying Journalism and French here at KU, which always leads to people asking  me if I plan to become a French journalist. I never know how to respond.

I do hope to travel and work abroad. My dream job would involve public media; This American Life is the best show I know. I work with Abby on the KJHK news show, “As Heard From the Hill,” and DJ for the station, and I’m a copy editor for the Kansan. I love music, and I’d love to hang out and talk about our favorite bands any time. My favorite comic strips are Calvin and Hobbs, The Far Side, For Better or for Worse (oddly enough), and Get Fuzzy.

When I came to KU I planned to major in film, but switched over to journalism after trying a few courses, and I’m glad I did. I love how passionate and engaged journalism requires a person to be, to interact with and portray the world around him as clearly and understandably as possible.

I love random volunteer activities, poetry (in whatever form), and general adventuring. I hope this class will give me a taste of exploring progressive ideas, not to mention cool science, in my writing. Also, I’m totally a cat person, though occasionally I appreciate the charms of certain dogs. I can’t wait to meet you!


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The shofar will do that to a woman. ..Great to have you in class. I think your interests and passion will converge nicely in J500.
See you soon,

Comment by j500

justin. your tidbit about loving random volunteer activities brought back so many memories for me! i feel like very, very often, those activities with the VERY best intention are just weird situations. I have to tell you about volunteering in Greensburg over MLK weekend.

Comment by brennad87

yeah! I really wanted to go to Greensburg, but ended up having things in Lawrence to take care of. was it one of those weird situations you mentioned? we need a story hour!

Comment by justinl7

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