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About Me: Matt Bristow by j500
January 23, 2009, 3:28 pm
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matt_sunflowerHello, my name is Matt Bristow and I am  from Lansing, Kansas.  I am a senior in News and Information, currently working as a photographer for the Kansan. Last semester I was a multimedia reporter for KUJH-TV.  I enjoy both video editing and photography.  As a reporter, asking questions in search of answers interests me.

I love the outdoors.  Some of my hobbies include  hiking and camping but I hate picking up other people’s trash on the trails.  I enjoy playing guitar and singing with friends and  I  also love to  travel.

In the past year, I began recycling at home and built a small raised garden and compost bin.  I continually take steps to lower my impact on the environment.   Living off the grid is a goal of mine and as energy technologies improve, I am hopeful that I will achieve this goal.

Both of my housemates have become vegans and they are in the process of converting me.  Soy is my friend.  If anyone has a dynamite vegan recipe, send it my way.


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If you’re wanting to get into vegan cooking (or just cooking with fewer animal ingredients) I’d highly suggest “Veganomicon” — it’s fan-TAS-tic! Everything I’ve made from it has been great and the recipes range from v. easy to more complex. I’d also suggest “How it All Vegan”.

Comment by marybethw

Great to have you here.
Sadly, soy is one of the most genetically-modified crops in the U.S.
We’ll delve into this in class. . soon!

Comment by j500

Hey! You’re the Matt who is taking the pictures for my UDK article about Lawrence history! That’s so weird.

Comment by alyv

dude. i am vegetarian and lactose intolerant. you can totally hit me up for vegan recipes. i have THE BEST vegan cupcake cook book. they actually work!

Comment by brennad87

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