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About Me: Bryan D. by j500

Good evening,

For some reason, typing a description/about me online always makes me think I’m applying to some date finding web site:  My name is Bryan; I have brown hair; Pisces.

But seriously, my name is Bryan. I’ve been studying English at KU for three years now and actually think I can finish my undergrad in four. If all goes well, I’ll be the first in my extended family to do so. I’m interested in English mainly because I love writing and talking about writing.  After graduation, I’d like to apply for Teach for America or a similar program and help children all over abandon the ideas that essays are five paragraphs and topic sentences are the all mighty guardians of said paragraphs.Lauren and Bryan

I became interested in the environment and especially food when I made the switch from omnivore to herbivore almost 6 years ago. Being a vegetarian naturally extended my thoughts into the environmental realm and after reading Peter Singer and listening to Paul McCartney, I’ve started to actually form my own thoughts and ideas about the connection between diets and the environment. Oh what a tangled web!

Sorry, that was kind of heavy.

Aside from that, I’ve previously spent the last five semesters on The Kansan but retired this semester and am currently interning for Senator Hensley at the statehouse in Topeka, researching and writing about the Senate Judiciary and Education committiees — talk about heavy!


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Since you said you’ve read some Singer, this might be repetitive for you, but I’d highly recommend “The Way We Eat: Why Our Food Choices Matter” that he wrote with Jim Mason. I’d also recommend Howard Lyman’s two books (“Mad Cowboy” and “No More Bull”), which focus more on the meat/factory farming industry more than ethics, as Singer does in “In Defense of Animals,” etc.

Comment by marybethw

How is your internship going?

Comment by tylerw09

Bryan, I am very excited to learn about the connections you’ve made between diets and the environment. We will address the issue from a number of vantage points.
We are what we eat,

Comment by j500

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